4 Cyber Security TED Talks You Must Watch

In the past few years, technology has taken a huge turn in terms of accessibility, usage, and efficiency. But what about reliability? How much do we trust technology with our personal data? If we do, how much of it is really protected?  A report in 2018 shows an increase in ransomware attacks by 350%, spoofing or business email compromise attacks rose to 250%, and spear-phishing attacks went up by 70% in companies worldwide. In 2020, where we are predicting 5G technology to take over the telecom industry, where do we stand on the cyber security front is the question to be asked. 

Given the heavy reliance of businesses on online databases and cloud storage, you’d think that the stigma around reporting cyber threats and cyber attacks would’ve become less with growing time. But that’s not exactly the case. Even today, several major cyber security cases go unreported because it either involves some of the big players of the industry or the victim companies are embarrassed to accept the fact that they didn’t put much effort into building a strong defense system. 

Another reason for not giving much-needed attention to cyber security is the lack of clarity on the subject matter. If you understand that whatever you do on the internet is a transaction, you’d be more conservative of the data you are providing free to companies and helping them grow. 

We’ve created a list of some mind-blowing Cybersecurity TED Talk videos of experts that you must watch.

1. What You Need To Know About Stalkerware by Eva Galperin

Do you sometimes think that your phone is spying on you? Well, it’s not just you being paranoid. In this TED Women talk, Eva Galperin, a technical advisor shares real-life stories of people who were being stalked through their devices. 


2. Hackers: Internet’s Immune System by Karen Elazari

Hacking is an art and hackers need to constantly update themselves to be better at it. Also, not all hackers are bag guys. In this video, cyber security expert Keren Elazari talks about how a large force of ethical hackers are constantly on their toes to protect very sensitive data, including government-related information, social welfare data, corruption, human rights, and more.


3. Governments Don’t Understand Cyber Warfare. We Need Hackers by Rodrig Bijou

In this age where major conflicts happen digitally, it is time for governments across the globe to up their game. In this video, Rodrig Bijou, an information security expert makes some bold calls for individuals and governments to level up and be more prepared.


4. The 1s and 0s in Cyber Warfare by Chris Domas

Chris Domas, a cyber security expert, talks about the effort and time that goes into building defense systems to protect everything that’s connected to the internet, which includes every product or service, government or private, we use in our lives. An interesting talk about the intricates of the cyberworld is an eye-opener for sure!

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