The Internet of Things is not hype anymore. It is real and you find the applications of it almost everywhere. To experience an application of IoT in the next couple of minutes, just look at a smartwatch that you own or a health gear for that matter. Even your smart television or a gaming console is a component of the Internet of Things that is taking notes of your behavior, preferences and  usage and working at the backend to deliver you more personalized experience. Ever gotten recommended shows similar Black Mirror once you had started watching it on Netflix on your smart TV? A very basic application of IoT in action!

From consumer-based applications as simple as a wearable tech to those more complicated like driverless forklifts, IoT is everywhere and is silently changing the way things have been working. To shed light on more such examples, we have decided to dedicate an entire post on this. Check it out.

Driverless Cars

One of the most futuristic applications of IoT is the autonomous car. If you have seen the hit TV series Silicon Valley (S1), you would know what we are talking about. These cars that seem like a product from the near future actually exist today and are mostly under development or prototype stages. The cars don’t have drivers and are sensible enough to take you to your destination on their own. Equipped with tons of devices like sensors, gyroscopes, cloud architecture, internet and more, these cars sense huge chunks of data on traffic, pedestrians, conditions of the road such speed breakers, potholes, corners and sharp turns and immediately process them at rapid speeds. This information is passed to the controller which takes corresponding driving decisions. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are crucial aspects of driverless cars as well.

Some of the tech companies working on driverless cars include Tesla, Volvo, BMW, Uber and Google. Though we are yet to see modified road rules and regulations for the driverless cars to hit the market and the road, we believe the days are not too far away.

Amazon Go

Amazon has always been a forerunner in incorporating new technologies and the company hasn’t overlooked IoT as well. After its successful online store, the company has now decided to use IoT to back its retail stores , which will have no cashiers or cash counters. Using sensors, online wallets and your account, computers and machines will take over the brick and mortar stores and still give you an online shopping experience. The store has counters of products arranged like that of a normal supermarket. But when you pick up a product, the sensors immediately add the product to your cart. When you keep it back, it gets removed. So, when you leave the store, the money is deducted from your Amazon wallet and you can simply walk out from the store after shopping.

The video makes it sound ever cooler!


You would be having a fair idea of the wearable devices that are part of the IoT ecosystem and we are sure you own a few products as well. Google’s famous Glass project got shelved but that hasn’t shut the probabilities of what the technology has to offer. From FitBits to smart watches, anything you’re wearing that is connected to the internet is part of IoT. Through sensors again, these devices communicate data to give you most precise information on your needs.

Smart Homes

This is perhaps the most popular examples of IoT. Designed to provide you optimum security and convenience, smart homes ensure you come back to a paradise. Imagine controlling the lights of your home from remote to create an impression of you being inside for safety purposes when you are actually holidaying at the Maldives. Imagine turning on your air conditioner exactly 20 minutes before you reach your home for that perfect room temperature. Or, imagine recording your favorite show from wherever you are and watching it later. Convenience at its best right?

Moving a step further, Philips has also come up with smart illumination solutions that allows you to control the color of lighting and set different hues according to your moods.

Watch the satisfying video here.

Smart Hotel Rooms

This might be a little new to you but hotel chain like Hilton are eyeing on the potential of the Internet of things to create better travel and stay experiences to its customers. Replacing card-based door keys with smartphone apps, Hilton ensures to deliver better safety and security to rooms by allowing you to show your smartphone to the room locks to enter. Similarly, the heating and lighting systems are connected to the Internet to enable a personalized experience to visitors. With this feature, you can set lighting according to your preferences and control the temperatures of the heater as well. Besides, you can also check in easily and get more information on hotel deals and travel suggestions. Who doesn’t want peace of mind during a vacation!

So these are the top 5 applications of IoT that are live right now. If you know of any interesting devices connected to the internet, share them on the comments!

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