For those of you who feel technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) belong to the future, wake up because it is here and in more ways than you can imagine. If you take time and notice, you could see artificial intelligence and AI-powered devices and things all around you. This article is all about giving you the, “Oh yeah!” moment on things you never realized were actually powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

Google Maps

Google Maps has brought out the explorer in every single one of us. The fear of getting lost and having to trust a stranger with the routes are all gone as each of us have our own routes and ways to go forward. However, we hardly appreciate the amount of technology that goes behind making our everyday commute simpler and hassle-free. Contrary to the common misconception that Google’s traffic predictions are satellite-based, it is based on AI algorithms that collect location-based data from smartphones in and around an area. This data gives the algorithms to predict traffic and congestion and suggest best alternative routes for your work or preferred location.

Carpooling Features in Cab Services

Again something to do with our commute but immensely undervalued for its potential. Cab services have become the neural networks for Indian commute and most of us prefer sharing a cab with three other riders to save on expenses. But how does your app get bookings only from people on the same route as that of yours? How is it that the price for this is also determined accordingly? How does it cater to the increasing demands of rides from customers by taking advance bookings and simultaneously minimize wait time? Again, we have one answer – artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

Video Games

Today’s video games are not like the ones available in our childhood. They are immersive, ultra-realistic and powered by AI and ML. Games like the latest instalments of Far Cry, Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, Grand Theft Auto and more are highly realistic than their previous instalments. The characters understand a gamer’s behaviour and learn from the stimuli and change their characteristics and traits accordingly. If you have been evading too much than attacking, the characters would retract their weapons for stealth. Moreover, the games also make use of the in-game environments to offer an immersive experience to gamers. This is blended with graphics, sounds, and in-game choices to offer a gameplay that appears real.

Purchase Recommendations

Users who have bought your laptop have also bought a cleaning kit. Would you like to add it to your cart? Intuitive selling or purchase recommendations as the e-commerce call it is the new norm to compensate for cart abandonment. Selling stuff even before you realize the need for it is what purchase predictions recommendations are all about today. Market players like Amazon have found seamless ways to manipulate your mind and lured into buying things you never wanted in the first place. Attractive deals, coupon codes and discounts are some of the mediums through which this is achieved and the entire concept of purchase recommendations is based on AI and ML algorithms. They also know when your tea bags are about to get over with your date of purchase and throw a pop up on repeat orders. Rings a bell?

Movie Recommendations

Artificial intelligence algorithms are powerful enough to anticipate your thought processes and preferences and suggest appropriate things. We saw this with purchase recommendations. But one area where the results are more accurate is movie recommendations. Platforms like Netflix can confidently throw a television series at you that you would end up loving. It makes you binge on series of shows by throwing precise recommendations at you. If you had watched Black Mirror and loved it, it would throw WestWorld at you. The same is the case with other similar apps on music like Spotify and Pandora.

If you look close, you don’t have to read up scholarly articles on artificial intelligence to know about the technology’s application. It’s already here and you just have to pay attention to things that are making your life convenient. Before this article, did you realize Google Maps was powered by AI? Can you think of something else that is similar? Share on the comments.

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