In an era where information technology has deeply penetrated a multitude of organizations across the globe, the importance of Cyber Security has increased manifold. This sudden rise of stature has occurred because issues on data privacy and business vulnerability have started dominating the digital space. As a result, companies have begun to hire candidates with industrial Cyber Security certification, so that their systems, processes and operations can remain highly protected.


As of now, people who have undertaken professional Cyber Security training programs are in exceedingly short supply. However, it has been estimated that with the dawn of 2020, at least 1 million executives specializing in Cyber Security would be required to fill in this massive gap.

Furthermore, with digital India, General Data Protection Rules (GDPR) and targeted attacks like WannaCry Ransomware are gaining a prominent space in national conversations.  The need for those who can effectively plug Cyber Security loopholes are only bound to grow.

Here is a list of five top Cyber Security jobs whose demand is currently witnessing a sharp increase:

1. Network Security Engineer  

The primary responsibility of a network security engineer is to ensure that an organization’s online security systems have been adequately erected and are well-equipped to counter vicious threats. The job role includes enhancing automation in various departments, overseeing maintenance of monitoring tools and identifying potential areas of vulnerability. A comprehensive Cyber Security course can prepare candidates for this job, whose salary ranges between INR 4 L- INR 8 L per annum.

2. Security Architect

As the name suggests, the basic job of a security architect is to design the entire Cyber Security architecture of an organization. This involves conducting detailed research about the specific needs and requirements of a company and preparing a well-calibrated plan about how its security needs would be handled.

They also help design standard policies and procedures to make sure that contingencies, if any, are adequately taken care of. The average salary for this job role is approximately INR 17 L per annum.


3. Cyber Security Analyst 

An entry-level position for this role requires a Cyber Security certification. The job of an analyst fetches a remuneration of about INR 6 L per annum. The principal task that they perform is of analyzing, assessing and testing the security mechanisms functioning across various industrial verticals.

They undertake frequent in-house and external security audits to ascertain that the system fundamentals are being safeguarded. Spreading Cyber Security-related awareness amongst colleagues is also a part of their job profile.

4. Cyber Security Manager

The job of a Cyber Security manager is highly specialized since their earning rotates around INR 12 L per annum. Not only do the potential candidates need to have a full-fledged background training in Cyber Security courses but they also must have some prior practical experience of working in real-time situations.

This is because Cyber Security managers are responsible for multiple tasks like devising security protocols, creating data protection strategies, reviewing existing equipment and countering new threats.

5. Chief Information Security Officer 

Considered to be one of the topmost positions in the field of Cyber Security, a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is usually a senior-level executive. Their primary aim is to ensure that an organization’s Cyber Security policy is aligned with its overall vision.

To accomplish this, a CISO streamlines business operations, upgrades technologies, implement procedures, set up SOPs and mitigates risks. The salary of a CISO generally ranges between INR 2 C- INR 4 C in India.

With time, the demand for Cyber Security professionals will continue to grow at an exponential rate. More and more jobs will be created for people across the board. This will trigger the need for candidates to acquire essential qualifications like Cyber Security training courses or industrial Cyber Security certification. In other words, for Cyber Security candidates it would be pivotal to enroll in Cyber Security courses to sustain in the long run and give their career an instant boost!


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