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5 Data Science Podcasts You Should Listen To Right Now

We believe podcasts are one of the most underrated forms of communication, especially when most of them are free! So if you’re stuck in slow-moving traffic, just tune into a podcast and use that time productively! You’ll probably come out of that traffic jam a little smarter – seriously!

Bring out the science nerd, data enthusiast, math geek or the curious person in you with these five data science podcasts:

Partially Derivative– For the curious ones

If you think podcasts are boring, think again! Partially Derivative discusses data related to anything and everything. The topics range from sports to art to space to “Can Killer Robots Marry Their Cousins?” This podcast has worked its way into peoples’ hearts around the globe.

Each week, hosts Chris Albon, Jonathon Morgan and Vidya Spandana, all experienced technologists and data scientists, talk about the latest industry news. They also look at how data has changed our understanding of the world. This podcast is the perfect blend of entertainment and information.

Talking Machines– For the science nerd

Talking Machine is an interview-based podcast with hosts Katherine Gorman and Ryan Adams. The podcast hosts publish concise and insightful conversations with machine learning experts. They also explore the ‘hows’ and the ‘whys’ to understand topics around the world and explain them concisely. They believe that the right questions need to be asked to get appropriate and useful answers. With intriguing episodes such as “Fantasizing Cats and Data Numbers” they’re gaining a lot of popularity to become a crowd favourite.

O’Reilly Data Show – For the math geek

The O’Reilly Data Show explores the opportunities and techniques driving big data and data science. The episodes focus on engineers, scientists, researchers, and developers who are actually putting data to work. The host, Ben Lorica understands gathering data is one thing, but analysing it is different and the podcast showcases just that. That’s why the podcasts are about interviews with knowledgeable people discussing trending topics in the field of data science and analysing them rather than just talking about common data science technologies like Cloudera and Apache Spark.

One of the most useful features is that the transcript of each podcast is available on their website, to ensure you don’t miss anything important and can always go back for quick notes and pointers.

Linear Digression – For the data enthusiast

Katie Malone and Ben Jaffe of online education startup Udacity host this upbeat series on data science and machine learning. For a beginner who wants to understand the world of data science from scratch, this podcast is a must!

The hosts often discuss real ­world problems and examples of regular folks face in their daily lives (example: how can computers learn to tell jokes?). Each episode is relatively short, running between 8­-20 minutes, making it easy to tune in and quick to consume.

Learning Machines 101 – For the machine-obsessed

Learning Machines 101 is the right podcast for all machine learning lovers. The host, Dr. Richard M. Golden’s podcast series examines how smart machines and artificial intelligence work, where they come from, and how scientists are working to make them smarter and more human-like.

Whether you’re a hobbyist, student, or scientist, the podcast will give you a deep understanding of technical knowledge. The series starts out at a basic level and advances fast. So find the level where you’re comfortable and settle down for a listen.

Have you got a favorite data science podcast? Share it with us and other data science enthusiasts via comments below.

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