On one of our previous posts, we compiled a list of applications of IoT in the present world. Though they seem futuristic, they are practically available for consumers and some are about to hit the market very soon. If the current scenario of IoT is future-ready, we wondered what the future would hold for the Internet of Things! A little deeper research led us to an array of devices that make use of the technology completely, offering us not just convenience but solutions to some of the most complex concerns as well. To help you get a glimpse of futuristic IoT devices, we have come up with another list. Check it out.

Gesture Control Armband

A wearable device like no other, the gesture control armband senses muscle activities so that you can control any device connected to the IoT infrastructure just with your motion or gestures. The armband is equipped with electrodes to detect muscle activity and detect contraction and relaxation of them when the hand is in motion. These movements are then redirected to software at the backend that decodes and translates them into commands and executes the action. Imagine being on the shoes of Tony Stark and just pointing at your tablet’s screen to open and close apps from afar.

Check out the technology here.

Lighting Control

Though partial version of the technology is already in the market, this differentiates itself in the fact that it integrates lighting control with mesh networking to develop large scale, reliable, wireless lighting solutions to homes. The sensors embedded can also detect the presence of people and turn off the lights in their absence. The lighting system is designed to save on energy consumption in both residential and commercial establishments.

Smart Glass

This application proves that the application of the IoT technology need not always be redirected to something massive or global but something as minute as personal care can make tremendous impact in our daily lives. For those of you (us) who don’t consume adequate water every day, these glasses can be our reminder calls. The glass monitors your water consumption and frequently reminds you to have water. Besides, it can sense the prevailing temperatures and maintain appropriate temperatures of the water. Once you sync the device to your smartphone, you are good to go.

Tier Air Pressure Detection

This is one of the most unique applications of IoT, wherein the technology can detect the air pressure in your car tiers and give you information on under-inflation. In this technology, the sensors are embedded on the tiers which detect drops in air pressures and immediately send out signals to take appropriate actions. This technology is built with an intention to foster safer driving conditions, where most people can be warned of under-inflated tiers.

Smart Eye

Again, a device straight from the Iron Man movies! The smart eye technology is very similar to Google’s most ambitious project – the Glass. This technology is equipped with sensors and connectivity options from Wi-Fi to Bluetooth to provide numerous options and accessibility features right in front of your eye but without causing a distraction. You can open maps, read emails or messages, surf the internet, capture moments and do more with these futuristic glasses.

Pulse Oximeter

If you have trekked to high altitude mountains, you would know what pulse oximeters are. These are small devices that your guides use on you to measure oxygen levels whenever a significant altitude is reached. The results show whether you are fit to ascend or if you need to stay back at an altitude. With IoT, this device becomes smarter and notifies your doctor over the cloud on oxygen delivery without you having to visit a clinic. This could be most appropriate for preventive measures against several chronic ailments.

Smart Farming

Technology that doesn’t serve basic purposes or doesn’t work on grass-root level concerns is futile. Arriving as an ideal solution to some growing concerns in agriculture is smart farming, where the application of IoT devices and ecosystem will enable farmers to know more information about their crops’ yields, infestation of pests, soil nutrition, rainfall and more for them to take any corrective or preventive measures. Smart farming also gives them ideas on modified farming techniques according to prevailing conditions to make the best harvest. Though this technology is a game changer, we need to work more on implementing at the right places and educating farmers about it.

Here is an interesting video of IoT in action in our own country.

So these were some of the devices from the future that will make it to our Amazon wishlists soon. If you can think of any other such futuristic devices or fancy a device you would probably come up with, share them on your comments.

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