Business Analyst – Supply Chain

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Analytics with Excel

$ 290 worth

Learn how to perform complex analytics with the world's most popular analytics tool - Microsoft Excel.

  • 01.Excel Basics
  • 02.Excel Advanced
  • 03.Analytics Techniques with Excel

Data Science with R

$ 505 worth

Learn R, the most widely used open source analytics tool in the world

  • 01.An Overview of Analytics and Data Science
  • 02.Business Statistics and Application
  • 03.An Introduction to R
    • 04.Predictive Models and Machine Learning
    • 05.Putting the Jigsaw Together
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supply chain analytics-01

Learn how analytics can solve Supply Chain and logistics problems by using advanced statistical algorithms.

  • 01.Supply Chain Drivers And Metrics
  • 02.Basics of Linear Programming Problems And Problem Solving
  • 03.Network Design
    • 04.Inventory Optimization
    • 05.Transportation Optimization
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The Catalyst Approach
The Catalyst Approach

Progress with Jigsaw Academy's signature learning approach. Learn through video lectures, live question and answer sessions conducted by the faculty, assignments, interactive case study workshops with senior faculty and industry mentors. Know more.

Video Lectures
Video Lectures

You get to view 50 hours of video lectures & 64 hours of pre-recorded classroom training, as many times as you wish to.

Jigsaw Learning Centre
Jigsaw Learning Centre

Gain free access to a variety of supplemental resources like handouts, reference material, guides, lecture transcripts and student forums.

Faculty Support
Faculty Support

Get your doubts solved by the Jigsaw Faculty via email, phone or chat.

Q&A Sessions
Q&A Sessions

2 hours of sessions every month, conducted by analytics mentors to resolve your questions and doubts.

Jigsaw Lab
Jigsaw Lab

Access to a cloud-based solution, for hands-on experience with real-life business data using the latest analytical tools.

Career Counseling
Career Counseling

Access to a cloud-based solution, for hands-on experience with real-life business data using the latest analytical tools.


After completing this specialization, you would have mastered descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics with a focus on supply chain data and problems. Your exhaustive analytics and supply chain tool skill sets would enable you to build your analytics career in a better way.


This course is for engineers that are interested in building careers in analytics with specific interest in logistics and supply chain, data analysts in e-commerce and manufacturing firms that want to understand how analytics is applied to supply chain, marketing and sales professionals that want to build expertise in handling and analyzing supply chain inputs and data, and supply chain professionals that want to better leverage data that they have access to in order to optimize and improve supply chain efficiency.