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All About SAS® OnDemand

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SAS facilitates the use of analytical application to businesses, professionals, teachers, students or anybody else and that too for free. SAS OnDemand in particular provides free data management and data analysis tools that professors can use for teaching and students can use for learning.  Faculty and students use SAS software via the internet and process data by connecting to the cloud.

SAS OnDemand is popular for many reasons, but mostly because it is freely available on the internet and it is pretty easy for an instructor to get an account (internally SAS verifies the instructor account). The process includes –

SAS OnDemand includes many SAS software applications:

SAS software provides SAS OnDemandwhich is available for two purposes –

SAS OnDemand for Professionals:is a software access method that provides business professionals the analytic and reporting power of SAS over the Internet. This is formerly the SAS Learning Edition. It is a service offering a learning version of Enterprise Guide with licences available for 6 or 12 months. Processing takes place on SAS hosted servers therefore there are no expensive hardware requirements, software administration, or disks to install. Only a broadband connection is required. It may cost around $300. SAS Enterprise Guide provides easy access to the power of SAS for individuals who want to grow their SAS skills or get SAS certified. Use SAS Enterprise Guide, either in point-and-click mode or in programming mode, to connect to the SAS server. You can access practice data from a series of SAS courses and books.

SAS OnDemand for Academics: is a free-of-charge service offering professors from degree-granting institutes the opportunity to use Enterprise Guide for teaching. It is also a software access method that provides not only to professors but also their students the analytic and reporting power of SAS over the Internet. Similar for professional purpose, this SAS OnDemand, there are no expensive hardware requirements, software administration, or disks to install. Only a broadband connection is required. Professors can simply register on the SAS support website in order to create a course and invite students to participate. Once set up, the professor and their students can download the SAS Enterprise Guide interface and install the software.

Visit to learn more about the no-cost service.

Similarly, SAS introduced SAS University Edition. Itis a free, packaged offering of core SAS software. Similar to SAS OnDemand for Academics, it is available to students, professors, academic researchers and lifelong learners. Its advantage over SAS OnDemand is that it can run on Linux or Macs.

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  • Hi ,
    I work as a SAS freelance consultant.
    I have a new client that has asked me for SAS training. My cliente doesn't have SAS licenses yet. My question is:
    Do you know if I can use SAS onDemanad for this training. Obviosuly I will get paid for the training is a commercial course.

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