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Data Analytics cannot be avoided by businesses. It has become the core component of every success-oriented business model. Enabling data-driven decision, data analytics help organizations in different ways. There are plenty of tools for data analysis and database visualization, and Microsoft Excel is one of the practical tools that is used for analysis. Through excel analytics course, you can leverage the capabilities of Microsoft Excel, and increase the potentials of better analysis. Data Analytics excel course helps you prepare Excel spreadsheets that source out data and effectively, distribute and manage it. There are plenty of benefits to data analysis using Excel. It has a wide range of built-in statistical functions that can better analyze the data and provide a strong base for potent decision making.  Irrespective of size and structure, every business needs analysis today, and Microsoft Excel works as a popular tool for data analysis. It helps in gaining better insights about the business from the available data. With the growing need for data analytics using Excel, companies are looking for professionals with exceptional Excel skills. That’s where an Excel analytics course will come handy that will equip you with all the capabilities to handle tools and facilitate productive analysis. The ability to analyze data is an essential skill to help you make better decisions through excel analytics training. 
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Simple Data Manipulation with Excel Functions

Data Visualization with Excel

Case Study - Auto Insurance

Advanced Data Manipulation with Excel

Case Study - Advanced Data Manipulation using Excel

Implementing Analytics in Excel

Case Study - Forecasting using Linear Regression




You can start by browsing through our Explore Analytics section. You could also visit our Analytics Training blog for more reading material, reports and in-depth articles on other topics like data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, Big Data and IOT. If you’d prefer watching videos, head over to our Youtube channel.

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Our programs have been designed for all students regardless of any prior knowledge of analytics, statistics or coding. We have had and continue to have many successful students who are from non-IT or non-mathematics backgrounds. But the subject matter is quantitative, and hence a background in maths, statistics or coding is helpful. If you have specific questions regarding eligibility or prerequisites for any program, please contact us at +91 9019217000.

Jigsaw Academy has been at the forefront of analytics in India for the last 8 years. In that time, the institute has been ranked #1 in the country by Analytics India Magazine multiple times, including for the last three years running. With our expert faculty and carefully designed courses, we have been able to help several students build towards a career in analytics. We also have ongoing collaborations with prestigious institutes such as the University of Chicago and Bocconi University in Milan. In addition to individuals, we are also invested in providing high-quality analytics training at the corporate level.

Taking up data analytics in an Excel course will provide you with the necessary knowledge regarding Excel that you can use for analytical purposes. With data analytics excel training, you will learn how to create pivot tables, summarize data, extract valuable insights, and distribute them accordingly for the benefit of the business. Our data analytics using Excel course will clear your basics regarding formulas, cell references, and every imperative component that will contribute to making effective analysis for the business. Place yourself as a skilled professional and emerge as a promising data analyst with data analytics with an Excel course.

Our Excel analytics course is meant for those who want to carve out a career in data analysis. Using Excel as a powerful analytics tool, you can enhance the possibilities of better and well-organized analysis for business. This data analytics using Excel course is an online program (1 month) that you can learn at your own pace. Everyone needs Excel in business today. With data analytics through Excel, the capabilities of analysis in a more streamlined approach. Data analysis Excel training will equip you with the necessary technical know-how of Excel spreadsheets that can best facilitate analysis. Our certificate in Excel analytics will place you as a promising data analyst in the business world. Connect with us to know more about data analysis using Excel and how this course can help you improve your analytical skills.