If you search for colleges in India that offer IoT courses, you would find none because there are no mainstream colleges or institutions that have recognized IoT as a solid course that needs attention. If you take a look at the MBA courses as well, you would still find their curriculum obsolete and that is why most graduates are just graduates and not business administrators. Textbook knowledge and theoretical skills, these are what institutions today are churning out. But when it comes to a niche specific requirement like Data Science, Big Data, Machine Learning or the Internet of Things, theoretical knowledge would get you nowhere.

Leave becoming job-ready, you wouldn’t be even interview-ready. That is why IoT courses need specialized courses and the best faculty who have been in the industry or are influential minds in the revolution currently. If you Google, you would find that courses on IoT are offered only by a select few institutions from around India and it is only them who are preparing the minds of today for the industry requirements of tomorrow. While the world is developing amazing technologies and gadgets with IoT, we are still stuck in a whirlpool of issues. With Steve Wozniak also commenting on the creativity of Indians, it’s time you pause what you’re doing and put your wildest career dreams into reality.

If you have always wanted to do something innovative and work on breakthrough technologies, you need to switch to IoT today and for that you need to be proactive and take up the responsibility by yourself. The best way to learn IoT would be to check if you meet all the prerequisites needed to be eligible for the industry. If not, you first have to brush up the basics and become ready for the course.

Once you are ready, you need to select the course such as IoT full-stack developer, IoT analyst, or IoT certificate course to chart your way in the industry. Each course is distinct but will start with the basics. Depending on your interest in the field and your course path, you should start collecting more information about the industry by staying updated on the events and happenings, conventions, meetups, reading more about the industry and on transistors and resistors. You should also develop knowledge on cloud computing as it is more like the backbone of the industry.

Besides, you should also keep working on projects and develop miniature programs, robots and devices that would give you a first-hand exposure and information on the technicalities of the industry. Moreover, you should also know that the job market in the IoT is substantial and evolving.  This means that there are newer roles popping up every other day and you could fit in anywhere in the industry if you have the right skills. There are analysts required in the sector, IoT security experts, cloud architects and more. Depending on your how versatile you are, you could get accommodated anywhere in the industry. Plus, the skills are specialized and niche specific, which means you cannot be replaced by automation or you don’t have to worry about your skills becoming obsolete anytime soon.

If you are really interested in getting started with IoT, you can check out our courses or talk to us in person and we would help you chart a career path. Good luck!

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