Placement & Certification

Jigsaw Academy is an all-round platform that shapes its students' futures by offering them holistic and well-rounded courses in the field of Big Data, Data Science, Cloud Computing, etc. Apart from the prestigious certification awarded by industry stalwarts like Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) you will also be able to experience illuminating lectures and lessons from industry leaders and professionals. Thus, if you choose to get yourself certified from a Big Data Analytics course operated by Jigsaw Academy, you can assuredly reap the accompanying benefits. Apart from proper certification, Jigsaw Academy also offers its students round-the-clock placement assistance and guidance so that you can find your dream job. By taking advantage of Big Data Analytics Training in Gurgaon, you can further your career by light-years.

What you learn:

The Big Data Analytics Training in Gurgaon is conducted by experienced academicians and professionals with decades of valuable real-world experience. They have collaborated together and come up with a very thoughtfully-designed curriculum. The curriculum is also dotted with practice assignments and projects that will help you to gain a hands-on and working understanding of Big Data analytics. Some of the important topics that you will learn are:

  • Understand the Hadoop Architecture and Components
  • Data Extraction Tools
  • Programming in Hive
  • MapReduce Advanced
  • Analyze Dataset in Pig
  • Application of Big Data Hadoop in Real-time



After spending over 5 years in the field of market research, Harsh realized that he was stuck in a stagnating career path. The realization spurred him to explore other career options. Harsh soon honed in on the field of analytics.

Harsh Gujrathi

Thanks to the new data skills I’ve acquired, I’ve been able to explore new avenues and look for new potential areas of work.

Aadhar Aggarwal

Frequently Asked Questions

Big Data is the term used to describe datasets that are so large, unwieldy and complicated that they cannot be analyzed with the help of traditional data analytics techniques. Out of necessity, the field of Big Data Analytics was developed. It is a very valuable skill and holds the utmost importance in today’s digitized society. Thus, we can safely say that Big Data Analytics Training in Gurgaon will dramatically improve your career prospects and also upskill your resume.
Jigsaw Academy offers two superb online courses that will allow you to learn the basic and advanced concepts of Big Data Analytics. These are the Big Data Engineering certificate and the Machine Learning with PySpark for Big Data. These online Big Data Analytics Training in Gurgaon also offer doubt clearing sessions, interactive sessions, etc. so that you can develop a thorough and rigorous understanding of the subject.
As a field, Big Data is one of the fastest-growing and it has been projected that it will employ more than 500,000 people by 2025. This projection also applies to India, which is a hotbed of startups and major economic activity.
Jigsaw Academy, through its Big Data Analytics Training in Gurgaon, offers all its graduates holistic placement support to ensure that you get placed in the professional position of your dreams.  
The Big Data Analytics Training in Gurgaon offered by Jigsaw Academy would generally cost you around INR 24000 + taxes. Course fees also depend on course depth, mode and duration. For further enquiries, please do not hesitate to inquire by emailing us at or by calling us at +91-9019997000