Placement & Certification

Our online Big Data Analytics Courses in Pune aim at providing students with certifications that make them eligible to apply for the high-profile positions on a global scale. In addition to credibility, we house the pioneers in the field in the form of faculty, who will go the extra mile to guide you on the right career path. The experts have come together to create a curriculum for students which will take them through the theoretical as well as practical aspects of Big Data Analytics during their Big Data training in Pune. As a result of rigorous training, learners will be able to establish themselves as seasoned data analysts in a short time.

What you learn:

The industry-relevant training provided to students enrolled in Big data institute in Pune to broaden their understanding of the domain by excelling in basics they are expected to know. Once the basics are sorted, the experts help students gain in-depth knowledge of the concepts in Big Data Analysts and cover the following heads:

  • Application of Big Data Hadoop in Real-time
  • Understand the Hadoop Architecture and Components
  • MapReduce Advanced
  • Analyze Dataset in Pig
  • Programming in Hive
  • Data Extraction Tools



After spending over 5 years in the field of market research, Harsh realized that he was stuck in a stagnating career path. The realization spurred him to explore other career options. Harsh soon honed in on the field of analytics.

Harsh Gujrathi

Thanks to the new data skills I’ve acquired, I’ve been able to explore new avenues and look for new potential areas of work.

Aadhar Aggarwal

Frequently Asked Questions

Big Data Analytics entails the bifurcation of data into smaller units to determine the favorable prospects for an organization so that they can direct their resources in the right direction. This is done with the use of tools and software that allow analysts to target an audience for instance. Once the company knows where its target market lies, they can take up promotional activities that will attract the target audience the most. Big Data training in Pune by Jigsaw Academy is an online certification designed to help individuals to become experts in analyzing volumes of data and derive conclusions.
Currently, India is facing a huge shortage of Big Data Analysts as there are not enough candidates to fill in the 2.7 million jobs emerging in the US alone in 2020. Big Data was a $169 billion industry in 2018, which is expected to grow to become worth $274 billion in the industry in 2022. This projected growth speaks volumes about how, even if big data is new in India, it is going leaps and bounds. Hence, Big Data Classes in Pune will be nothing but beneficial for individuals seeking an upgrade in employment.
The Big Data Training provided by Jigsaw Academy will help you excel in the use of software such as Scripting and Statistical Language tools, Excel, and Querying Languages so that you can establish yourself as a data analyst. 
Yes, Jigsaw Academy provides an online Big Data institute in Pune where individuals can enroll themselves by reaching out to us info@jigsawacademy or call at +91-90199-97000.