Big Data Analyst

$ 815


The learning path contains everything offered along with the Big Data courses.
For most students, the path usually takes 32 weeks to finish.


Choose India’s first globally recognized Big Data certification.

  • 01.Overview of Big Data, HDFS, Hadoop, and Map Reduce
  • 02.Data Warehousing using PIG and HIVE
  • 03.Data Extraction Tool and Cloudera Distributions
    • 04.Introduction to Analytics
    • 05.Intergrating R and Hadoop
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Apache Spark

$ 310 worth

Learn the basics of the world's most popular open source big data processing framework.

  • 01.Why Spark
  • 02.Internals of Spark
  • 03.Spark Architecture
    • 04.Spark Components
    • 05.Spark Case Studies
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Apache Storm

$ 195 worth

A powerful, distributed computation system designed for real-time processing with Big Data

  • 01.Introduction to Big Data and Real Time Big data processing
  • 02.Introduction to Apache Storm
  • 03.Storm Installation and Configuration
    • 04.Storm Advanced Concepts
    • 05.Storm Interfaces
    • 06.Storm Trident
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Mongo DB-01 (1)


$ 195 worth

Learn to create and deploy a scalable and efficient database using the fundamentals of MongoDB .

  • 01.Indexing and Aggregation
  • 02.Replication and Sharding
  • 03.Cluster Administration
Big data for Beginners-01


$ 195 worth

Learn how to deploy and use Cassandra for handling Big Data on a sophisticated distributed management system

  • 01.Introduction to Cassandra
  • 02.Architecture of Cassandra
  • 03.Installation and Configuration of Cassandra
    • 04.Copy Bulk Data and Batch Statements
    • 05.Interfaces to Apache Cassandra
    • 06.Advanced Architecture
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By choosing this learning path you end up saving $ 630


The Catalyst Approach
The Catalyst Approach

Progress with Jigsaw Academy's signature learning approach. Learn through video lectures, live question and answer sessions conducted by the faculty, assignments, interactive case study workshops with senior faculty and industry mentors. Know more.

Video lectures
Video lectures

You get to view 50 hours of video lectures & 64 hours of pre-recorded classroom training, as many times as you wish to.

Jigsaw Learning Centre
Jigsaw Learning Centre

Gain free access to a variety of supplemental resources like handouts, reference material, guides, lecture transcripts and student forums – for a period of 12 months.

Faculty Support
Faculty Support

Get your doubts solved by the Jigsaw Faculty via email, phone or chat – for a period of 12 months.

Q&A Sessions
Q&A Sessions

2 hours of sessions every month, conducted by analytics mentors to resolve your questions and doubts.

Jigsaw Lab
Jigsaw Lab

Access to a cloud-based solution, for hands-on experience with real-life business data using the latest analytical tools – for a period of 12 months.

Career Counseling
Career Counseling

Avail professional guidance on resume building, interview preparation and identification of relevant opportunities, for the analytics field.

Certificate - Final-Big Data Specialization (1)


After completing this specialization, you would have acquired advanced skills in Big Data and you would be thoroughly ready for the promising Big Data job market.



This course is meant for anyone interested in a career in Big Data, IT or database professionals.