A Web Analytics eBook by Jigsaw Academy: Ready to Begin Your Web Analytics Training?

Jigsaw Academy is proud and excited to present to you all, their Web Analytics eBook. Written by their team of Web Analytics Experts, this eBook, will help you get a clear understanding of what exactly web analytics is and why it is a great career choice.

Praful Tickoo, Sr Manager, Genpact LLC , who received an early copy of this eBook, had this to say, “An eBook like this could easily be sold for a lot of money. All I can say is “wow”. Get it today!

This eBook will not only help you comprehend just how web analytics can impact a business, but it also outlines popular and industry relevant web analytics tools. The book also talks about the challenges faced by web analysts, what the future holds in store for the industry, and most importantly it the skills you need to begin a career in Web Analytics. At the end of the book, you will also find a list of really useful resources, in terms of blogs, books and videos.

Indeed with the data explosion these last couple of years, the opportunities and career potential for those in data related jobs are phenomenal and web analytics is no exception. So, if you are considering a career in Web Analytics, then this Book is really what you need to get started. Find out what a Web Analyst actually does, how much they get paid, and what tools you need to get expertise in.

Download your copy of the eBook right now.

While the eBook is loading, here is another short snippet from the first chapter of the eBook:

Advantages of web analytics:

Web analytics is helpful mainly because, it gives a lot of flexibility to managers, particularly to marketing and sales people in carrying out their designated functions. Let’s look at how web analytics can bring about that flexibility:

  • Marketing message can be changed for any online marketing campaign by leveraging the analysis, provided by the web analytics tool.
  • The effectiveness of sales or a marketing campaign can be easily measured in real time using web analytics.
  • Budgets and spends can be adjusted based on the insights provided by using a web analytics tool.
  • Channel performance can be judged in real time and investments on channels can be put into perspective.

More when your download opens. Hope you enjoyed the eBook. Happy reading!


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