Adjunct Faculty at IIM enrolls for Jigsaw MISB Executive Program in Business Analytics! Learn Why

Prof Mukerji comes from an interdisciplinary background and has four years of industry experience and around eight years of teaching experience in the area of IT, Management and development. Her research interests are in the intersecting areas of technology, management, organization, and society and though she does not have any prior experience in the area of data analytics or Big Data, she felt the need to acquire these skills. Read on to find out why?

Tell us when you first heard about Analytics and Big Data and what got you
interested in this field?

As a faculty at DA-IICT I taught a course called Management Information System (MIS) to students and it was there that my interest first sparked and I felt the need to incorporate business analytics and applications of Big Data in the curriculum.  Moreover, many of the students interned in the area of Analytics and Big Data, and suddenly there appeared to be new, emerging areas of research in social sciences and management that required some familiarity with tools, technologies and techniques related to analytics and big data. 

How did you hear about the MISB Jigsaw EPBA? What made you decide to apply?

I first came to know about Jigsaw Academy while looking for materials and courses on Business Analytics. When they launched the EPBA together with MISB Bocconi, I felt like here was a program that seemed to blend the technology, statistic and management aspects of analytics well. At that point I was already feeling a strong need to acquire a skill that would at some point allow me to make a career switch – say to consultancy, and so I decided to apply for the program. Also the proximity to Gandhinagar, which would enable me to attend the contact classes in Mumbai with ease, swayed my decision.

Did you look at other programs? How did you make the final decision?

I looked at a couple of the other popular courses like IIM-L and Great Lakes, in addition to Bocconi and compared their curriculums. I found that Bocconi was the only one where one actually gets:

(a) The integration of Big Data with analytics and

(b) The actual hands-on approach to learning Big Data technologies like hadoop, pig, hive etc.

So, yes the key factors that helped me choose the MISB program, was the curriculum, that promised to integrate technology and practice and of course the proximity to Ghandinagar.

Do you think this EPBA will change the course of your career?

I really hope so, but not very sure just how as of now. I joined the course to have some structured learning and most importantly to keep my skills up to date. Learning something new always has its advantages and already my exposure to the industry through this program has been brilliant.  There is also the possibility of developing some contacts that will help me in my teaching (case studies and research), and this in itself will be very useful.

Any feedback on the course so far?

Well I must say that the teachers, especially those who come from Jigsaw Academy are good and quite thorough in their area of expertise. I am also particularly impressed with all my fellow participants. They are great!

Tell us about your new job at IIM Kashipur. Any exciting plans in store as a professor there?

Well, I am associated with the Centre for Excellence in Sustainable Development, quite a shift from data structures and OOPs, but I hope I get to use the EPBA training to explore areas like Analytics for Social/Public Policy. 

Hobbies and how you like to spend your free time?

Hobbies were once reading fiction…..:) free time is usually spent catching up with old friends.

After completing her Masters in Computer Science from J.K. Institute of Applied Physics and Technology, University of Allahabad, way back in 1998, Prof. Mukerji, worked for four years in a software firm called Newgen Software Technologies Ltd., New Delhi. In 2003, she joined the Institute of Rural Management, Anand (IRMA) for her doctoral studies- her research topic ‘How  IT based interventions like telecentres/ Internet-enabled kiosks were bringing about change in rural India’. Subsequently she has worked as faculty at Central University of Gujarat and Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology (DA-IICT), both of which are located at Gandhinagar, Gujarat. At present she is an adjunct faculty at Indian Institute of Management Kashipur.

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