Get 20% off on Jigsaw’s Funky and Instructive ‘Analytics for Beginners’ Course on Udemy


Some exciting news to share with all of you…. Jigsaw’s funky and informative ‘Analytics for Beginners’ course is now available on Udemy, the world’s largest platform for online courses.

Jigsaw’s Analytics for Beginners course is one of those courses that is really meant for just about everybody who wants to get an understanding of what Data Analytics is. It aims to introduce absolute beginners, or novices to the fundamentals of analytics by using examples from daily life. Using a combination of real-life stories, interviews with analytics experts and journalistic articles presented in a breezy narrative style, Analytics for Beginners will ensure that you will never look at at numbers and data in the same way again. 

The case study covered is based on the very popular game of cricket. You will help determine who is the best cricketer amongst Tendulkar, Dravid and Ganguly by using regression analysis. Yes the analysis will require a little data work, but don’t worry, we take you through it step by step. We keep it light and trust us, it will be fun!

 To do this course you need absolutely no Math or Stats skills. You will only need a working knowledge of Excel, with logical and reasoning skills. 

The course on Udemy is priced at USD 149. However you can get 20% off if you use the coupon code DISCOUNT 002 or just click directly on this link. Hurry because this is valid only for the first hundred students who register using the code.

Watch a teaser of one of the course videos. Learning is really fun when you come to Jigsaw

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