He who rode with the changing tides of healthcare

With the advent of technology and advanced analytics, like all the other industries, the healthcare sector has also seen a major shift. Data Science and Machine Learning are now supporting doctors in specific and aiding the healthcare system in general, with advanced information for better diagnosis and treatment of their patients.

Starting with playing a significant role in patient care, medical record generation and billing, the interference of analytics now allows the healthcare specialists to identify the otherwise hard-to-diagnose ailments, which can easily go unnoticed in the early stages.

A medical doctor with a bachelor’s degree from B J Medical College, Ahmedabad and a Master’s in Public Health with a major in Health Economics and Finance from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, Dr. Shailesh Kumar Sharma realized that most of the quality initiatives and process excellence questions can be analyzed with the support of data, to help narrow down the right solutions.

It was while working with the Planning Commission of India and the Ministry of Health that this point made more sense to him. With absolutely no familiarity in Analytics, he decided to take the much-required plunge and joined a full-fledged course with Jigsaw Academy that went on to equip him with this now essential skillset.

“As I come from a medical background, I could not, initially, get a good grasp on the coding conventions such as arrays, tuples, dataframes etc. But I think it is natural, as it was a new language I had to study. I spent a significant amount of time trying to learn them. Later, I was able to not only read the codes and comprehend what was supposed to be done but was also able to tweak existing codes in R and Python on internet repositories for my personal solutions,” Shailesh remarks.

Shailesh is now looking forward to a wonderful journey in the analytics space after the completion of the PGPDM by University of Chicago and Jigsaw Academy. He says that it was the structure of the program and the brand name Jigsaw carried with it, especially in delivering the online programs, that drew him to the course. “I was sure that when both of these things came together, it would help me learn the basics in a structured manner,” he reveals.

“Decoding all that comes with this buzzword made me more methodical, improved my logical thinking skills and I learnt to hit the bull’s eye as a solution provider. Now, when I talk to my managers, I have all the data, perfect graphs and tables which help me tell my story and needless to say, present the solution in a very effective manner,” adds a happy doctor, excited about the transition.

If you are looking at a transition like Shailesh, then like George Herbert once said, “Do not wait. The time will never be ‘just right’ ”. Self-belief and hard work will never fail to earn you success!

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