Beyond Jigsaw Academy: Placements and Building a Career

At Jigsaw Academy, one of our primary aims is to help working professionals realise the importance of data analytics, and how it can positively impact their careers and lives. Data is now in almost everything the world does on a daily basis, and enabling people to tap into this data in the most effective way, is something we work towards tirelessly at Jigsaw. As a result, it is always a source of great pride for us when we see our students making huge strides in their careers, using the education we have been able to impart to them.

For instance, doing the Data Science with SAS course helped expose Siddhant Mohapatra to a whole new range of useful skills and tools. Significantly, he feels he was schooled well on the basics before moving on to bigger projects. “What I really liked about Jigsaw Academy was that they taught us right from basics and didn’t directly dump us with analytics concepts, which wouldn’t have been great for a newbie to analytics like me.” Thanks to a solid foundation, he is now a business analyst at eBay, and he is quite clear that learning the essentials at Jigsaw helped him progress as quickly as he has. Similarly, were recently placed as Data Scientists. Rohit Raghuram did a combination of courses and is now working with Eaton, while Pavan Kumar, who was hired by GSPANN, completed the course in Data Science with R.

One of the students of our most recent batch of the EPBA (Executive Program on Business Analytics), Viral Mehta, got his placement with Future Group as a Senior Analyst on the back of his course, coupled with his prior work experience. He was appreciative of the help he received when it came down to planning the next steps of his career. “Sarita (Jigsaw Academy’s co-founder) was very helpful,” he said, “and she guided me through all the possible options I could take. I’m very glad about how things panned out.” Other Jigsaw alumni, such as Vineeta Bansal, have also found that that past experience coupled with the ideal course can help you climb the ladder faster. Having previously worked in the aviation and telecom sectors as a Business Analyst, she completed the Full Stack Data Science course and is now employed with Accenture as a Senior Data Analyst.

With every batch that graduates from Jigsaw Academy, we have more and more success stories to share with the world. And as with every batch, we’re immensely proud of how far our students have climbed after Jigsaw and thoroughly excited to see how far they can go.

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