A day in the life of a Jigsaw Mentor

Most often when I enter the office of the Jigsaw Mentors, it’s to bug them about a blog that was due yesterday, or I am bulldozing them to brainstorm for topics for the next month. (They probably sigh a huge sigh of relief when I head out!). Anyway I have often wondered what a Jigsaw Mentor really does? Yes they make videos, engage with students on chat and take classes at weekends. But what else do they do on a typical day?

I asked Jigsaw mentor Neha Shitut to sit down and write a blog on a day in the life of a Jigsaw Mentor and she gladly obliged. But before you read what she has to say, let me give you a quick introduction to Neha.

Neha is an analytics enthusiastic, with a million dollar smile, whose other passion is meditation. Naturally she always has a calm look about her. She loves home cooked Maharashtrian food and her favorite movie is Bambi. Her spiritual teacher is her great inspiration, for his wisdom about life, patience and kindness. She is also equally inspired by her boss at Jigsaw as she says it’s her positive energy, intelligence, generosity and humor that encourages and motivates her to do her best at work. Neha’s Dogma for life:  Life is simple. Keep it simple.

Thanks Neha for letting us into your professional world. Now tell us what you really do…..

Jigsaw provides a platform of learning not only for its students but also for the Faculty. Ranging from interacting daily with the students, to solving customised case studies, recording content related videos, preparing for trainings, attending and conducting corporate trainings, working with Jigsaw is in a way becoming a student again

A day in the life of a Jigsaw Faculty, therefore is packed with surprise every day. While a good chunk of the week is spent in helping students in assignment evaluation and to solve queries through chat, email and telephone, the rest of the week is filled with activities that enrich the learning experience of the Faculty.

The interaction with students is not limited to concept related queries but often we help the marketing and the recruitment team to answer queries related to analytics as a whole. I often say that my learning curve at Jigsaw has been phenomenal. After six years in the corporate world, I thought I knew almost everything about the analytics industry. However at Jigsaw I realized that learning is continuous. While I value the corporate experience, being a faculty at Jigsaw has helped me tremendously in broadening my awareness of where and how analytics can be applied in various domains whether it is finance, retail, telecom, HR, Big Data, Web Analytics – Sky is the limit.

Analytics is evolving and tools and technologies change rapidly in the analytics industry. The biggest learning experience comes when we have to teach a topic that is new. As a teacher one needs to not only understand the concept but understand it in and out and anticipate and prepare for the questions that students ask. We research and study and train ourselves and as challenging as it maybe, we look forward to these situations which forces us to constantly upskill.

No. We do not work all the time. We have a full time faculty of six members, five of them being ladies. So one can well imagine what happens in a room packed with five analytics teachers J We do have a lot of fun as we work, ranging from cake cutting, coffee time at 11:00am and 4:00pm, lunch time filled with fun stories and talks on health, philosophy, travel and diet! The coffee guy is the most awaited employee of Jigsaw and we unanimously wait for his arrival everyday.

As Jigsaw is a start-up, the best part about being a Faculty at Jigsaw is that our job is not unidirectional. We help all the teams across the board and it helps us in having fun as we work. In less than a year I have attended workshops on creating Brand Awareness, brainstormed for captions creatively, written fun blogs, attended and trained in well-known corporates, consulted students on career paths, worked on custom case studies and much much more.

Life at Jigsaw is therefore a very unique experience filled with rapid horizontal growth on various theoretical subjects on analytics, their real- life business applications, overall personality growth through communication and creativity.

The spirit of the leader often translates into the spirit of the team. Under the leadership of Sarita who is herself an intelligent, energetic, creative, generous, understanding, kind and fun-loving, a day in the life of a Jigsaw Faculty can therefore be anything but dull. It is filled with activity and dynamic application of creativity in all aspects.

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