Another New Course at Jigsaw: Big Data for Beginners

Have you been wondering what the fuss about Big Data was all about? Want to know what it means, how it is used and why it is important for you to learn about it.

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Well we have just the course for you. Jigsaw Academy is proud to launch ‘Big Data for Beginners’, specially created for everyone from engineering graduates and freshers who want to build careers in Big Data, to analytics professionals and data scientists who work with predictive models and need to upgrade to big data skills, as well as senior professionals who need to evaluate Big Data as possible solutions and data warehousing and business intelligence professionals who need to work with big data systems.

Key Features of the Course

Course Duration: 2 weeks, 4 hours/week

Learning Mode: Self- paced

As you will see from the course outline below, the course gives one a clear understanding of basic and essential Big Data concepts and technologies, all explained with interesting and engaging case studies.

Why is it important to gain Big Data skills?

Business everywhere and of all kinds are getting on the Big Data wagon and what they all need to succeed in their Big data initiatives is the right talent, people with relevant IT expertise and deep analytical skills. At present there is a big shortage of skilled professionals. So those who can upskill and become Big Data experts, have a real chance at a fulfilling and successful career in Big Data. You can not only look forward to phenomenal professional success, but also to  a steep increase in salary because one of the best parts of a Big Data career is that businesses are willing to pay well to hire and retain people skilled in Big Data tools and technologies.

Prerequisites of the course

There are no pre-requisites. Anybody can enrol for this course.

What is the price?

The Analytics for Beginners  course is priced at Rs. 8,000 (Indian students) and $220 (Foreign students-Outside India), plus taxes.

For more information about the course and to register please visit the  Course Page on the Jigsaw website.

Remember you can also experience Jigsaw’s courses and get access to some complimentary Analytics and Big Data resources by visiting the FREE TRIAL section of our website.

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