Avinash Raja Gopal:Once a Unix Administrator…Now a Big Data Unicorn

I recently read an article in Diginomica, where Geoffrey Taylor, academic program manager at business analytics firm SAS was quoted as saying “Those precious few with the knowledge and experience to drive analytics without crashing – the data scientists – are as rare as “unicorns”. It’s true…It’s not technology that is holding back organizations trying to get the most out of Big Data analytics, but a lack of talent. Almost every big organization today has got on the Big Data wagon and is spending big money on Big Data projects. This means that all these companies are looking for Big Data specialists. They are willing to pay them high salaries but the problem is that there just aren’t enough unicorns to fill these positions.

Well, we recently caught up with Avinash Raja Gopal, a once Unix administrator, now a Big Data Unicorn, with a coveted Wiley certification, who was able to transition to one of these coveted Big Data roles. Avinash, who loves biking and surfing the internet shared his analytics journey with us and told us why upskilling, and getting a Wiley Certification, changed his life and his career, all for the better.

“After finishing my B. Tech in Information Technology, I began my career in IT with Cognizant Technology Solutions. At first it was all very interesting, but after a few years I began to get restless. There seemed to be hundreds like me out there, in my company, in competing companies, all doing similar jobs, all in the race for the next promotion, the next career opportunity. I began to think, was there a real future here? And so I began to explore my options. Around the same time I got talking to a friend who worked in Mu Sigma, and from all her talk about Big Data and analytics, I became quite fascinated with the whole idea of using data to make informed decisions.

I decided that I wanted to become a Big Data Specialist. I researched the career and was thrilled to see that there is a huge talent gap in the market and that my prospects would indeed be great, should I invest in some Big Data skills. But I was clear; if I was going to get some Big Data skills, I needed a course that would certify me as a Big Data expert, one that was globally recognized and respected, and that would give me an edge no matter where I worked.

While looking for Big Data courses, I found Jigsaw Academy. I went through all their course pages on the website and the Wiley Jigsaw Big Data Specialist Course impressed me the most. Not only was the course curriculum very relevant, I also liked the idea of working on real life case studies. The icing on the cake was the Wiley certification. This unique certification was not only globally recognized, but considering that Wiley is one of the leaders in IT certification via its WROX program, I knew that it would be a real career booster.

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The course experience was awesome. The various modules were really comprehensive and the trainers used simple and interesting language to help us understand and get to the core of Big Data tools and technologies. The Wiley certification exam needed no extra preparation, as everything is covered so well in the course. If you are good at concepts, the exam can be easily cleared. It’s all about the assignments; if you do them all, it’s all the exposure and practice you need to ace the exam.

Honestly that one decision to pick up Big Data skills has changed the course of my career. Changing domains in any company is not that easy, but the very fact that I had the Jigsaw Wiley certification made it very simple for me and I was easily able to transition into a Big Data role. The certification has really added great value to my resume.

I got into the Big Data world because I was fascinated with data. Now I am actually going to be working with data and I am so excited. If there are any of you out there who want to make a change and take charge of your career, I would recommend you upskill right away because the market is ripe and you will be grabbed up. The Wiley Jigsaw Specialist Certification, would be my recommendation. With this globally recognized certificate in hand, organizations will be confident that your skills in Big Data tools and technologies are par excellence and you will find it easy to break into the Big Data world. I did it…am sure you can too!

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