Data Leaders- Is There Really Such a Thing?

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Most top managers today are aware that the road to sustained profitability lies in fostering a data driven culture within their organizations. Many of them have been witness to the data tsunami this past decade and have seen their roles evolving, as data driven initiatives became top priority. They realized that increasingly, they need to be seen as not just managers, or even leaders, but rather as Data Leaders, someone, who understands very clearly that the more time they spend on analytics, the more their business will grow.

I personally believe that every manager today needs data skills. If they do not invest in building their analytics skillset now, their future is bleak. Who agrees? Well, hopefully many of you reading this. To further make a case in point, I would like to share with all of you, a few interesting articles from across the web that further explore this idea.

9 skills CFOs will need to be successful in the future

Here James Kosur, editor at Business Insider, talks about how a CFO can no longer simply rely on crunching numbers or focus solely on a company’s balance sheet, but that to succeed in the future, CFOs need to shift their focus towards analytics. His ideas are further validated by Ash Noah, vice president of CGMA External Relations at the American Institute of CPAs (whom he interviews), who says that the more time CFOs spend on analytics, the more they help the business and enable effective business partnering. He continues to say that, “The CFO of the future will be a true business partner who will provide these insights and that there is already a “pull from businesses” as they seek out more analytics data and that CFOs are cognizant of that pull.”

Why Analytics Professionals are Destined for Leadership

In this article, Linda Burtch, an expert in Quantitative Recruiting at Burtch Works has her say on the matter and boldly proclaims that though previous leaders may have traditionally risen through the ranks of marketing or finance, with educational backgrounds in economics or business, it is becoming more common to see leaders with tech backgrounds. She further emphasizes that the new leaders need to have the technical depth to know the possibilities that data holds, and to ask the kind of questions that will be crucial in the coming data age. She goes on to say that, “The analytical mind that is required to successfully helm a company will become even more critical to a leader’s success, and quantitative professionals are uniquely suited to be adept at this aspect of leadership.

Why an Analytics Skill Set is a Must for the Leaders of Tomorrow

Finally I would like to leave you with one of our very own recent blog posts where Sarita Digumarti, Jigsaw Academy co-founder write that, “Leadership is no longer about ‘being in charge’. Today, a successful leader is one who can mentor and influence their team; someone who has a keen business sense, and is able to use their multiple skill set to identify business problems and find unique and creative ways to solve them. What makes analytics stand out within this context of skill upgradation is the overwhelming growth that this industry has seen over the last three years and the dizzying pace that it will continue to grow and innovate at. People that are currently in this industry (or want to build careers in this space), and even those who not directly working with data, need to especially focus on this component to actively grow their careers. As a leader, you need to be able to take data insights and use it to make informed business decisions. If you can’t do this well, then honestly (and I truly apologize for being so crass) your future is dim.”

Are you ready to be a Data Leader? Are you looking ahead and seeing the bigger picture? Where are you going to fit in ten/twenty years from now? If you see yourself in top management positions than you know what it is you need to do, what skills you need to develop. The time is now my friends. Get datafied!

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