5 Reasons You Should Choose The Jigsaw Academy Full Stack Data Science Bootcamp

When we decided to roll out the Full Stack Data Science Bootcamp program, we had a substantial vision in mind. It was to help any Data Science aspirant dedicate more time, effort and thoughts into the subject and topics. Apart from our comprehensive online analytics classes, we also needed an in-person training program that would complement the requirements of both data science aspirants and ours.

When charting our path, we had several solid reasons on why this course would resonate with candidates and data science enthusiasts. And this post sums up our top 5 reasons. We believe these reasons are some of the factors you should consider while joining an offline data science course.


In-Person Classroom Learning with Extensive Access to Faculty

For some people, the best learning happens in a traditional classroom environment combined with live faculty interaction. This is how the idea of the Bootcamp program evolved – to suit professionals who were looking for a more personal learning experience and who wanted a more focused program that suited their time commitments.


Comprehensive End-to-End Learning

The bootcamp program packs in all the essential ingredients you require for a successful career in data science. You learn the concepts, the tools required, their practical applications and the trends in the industry. We would also train you on coding aspects required for the industry. By the end of the course, you would gain extensive business acumen, data science skills and the abilities to work on multiple programming languages and tools.


Predefined & Preset Intensive Timelines

With our online classes, we figured out that not many of us have the ability to channelize our interest and passion for career growth consistently through the duration of the course. Some of us need motivation on a weekly or a daily basis to get us going. That’s when we decided to bridge the gap between self-paced learning and mentored learning with our bootcamp program. The simple sight of other Data Science aspirants working on moving ahead in their career path is just the motivation some of us need to stay in our tracks as well. We decided to blend healthy competition and collective learning in our environment.

Weekend Classes

One of the major reasons why some of us tend to stay behind in our learning is because we don’t get to spend the required amount of time for the course. It may be due to work, work travel schedules or other personal reasons. We realized that weekends were the times aspirants dedicated to improving themselves. This was the perfect avenue for us to help out serious aspirants like you to surge ahead in your career goals.


Minimal Prerequisites

You only need to have studied stats and math until the higher secondary levels to join the program. All coding basics for data science would be taught during the program though past coding experience would be a plus.

Now that you have five real reasons why you should join the Jigsaw Academy full stack data science program, we feel the time is right to enrol today. You can get in touch with us here to get started with the bootcamp program. Here’s to the exciting career path that lies ahead!

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