An Interview with Jigsaw Student Pavan Kumar Adimalla

Jigsaw Academy proudly congratulates their student Pavan Kumar Adimalla for recently becoming a Certified Statistical Business Analyst with SAS 9 Regression and Modeling

Since 1999, the SAS institution has offered its global certification programs to verify the abilities and skills of SAS students, users, partners and other interested individuals. The certifications are offered in the domains of SAS programming, administration, business & data management, and predictive modeling. Earlier this year they launched a new exam called Certified Statistical Business Analyst with SAS 9 Regression and Modeling.

As per the SAS official website, this credential is designed for SAS professionals that use SAS/STAT software to conduct and interpret complex statistical data analysis and who have a thorough understanding of fundamental statistics. The exam focuses on linear and logistic regression techniques used to create predictive models. Candidates must have experience in analysis of variance, linear and logistic regression, preparing inputs for predictive models and measuring model performance.

Jigsaw Academy would like to proudly congratulate our first student to successfully obtain this certification- Mr. Pavan Kumar Adimalla. Pavan has an engineering background along with an MBA from NIT Trichy. In September of 2012 he registered for the Foundation Analytics Course at Jigsaw Academy. After successfully completing the same, Pavan decided to take the exam to get certified as a Statistical Business Analyst with SAS 9 Regression and Modeling. In June 2013 he successfully attempted and passed the exam, getting the certification. We sat down with Pavan to get his views on the exam, how he prepared for it and of course any advice he had for others who are interested in this certification.

1What inspired you to do the exam Statistical Business Analyst with SAS 9 Regression and Modeling?

I enjoyed the Foundation analytics course at Jigsaw. When I finished this course I thought that if I got the SAS certification “Statistical Business Analyst with SAS 9 Regression and Modeling”, it would give me an added edge in the market. I was also confident that I could clear the exam as the Jigsaw foundation course covers a substantial portion of the syllabus of the certification.

2. How difficult was the exam?

On a 10 point scale (0 very easy and 10 very hard) I would rate it 7.

3. What was the focus of the questions?

Everything was within the topics outlined in the  syllabus. The exam tested all aspects of a true business analyst. The questions focused mainly on:

  • A few business applications of SAS programs
  • SAS syntax
  • Regression

4. How long did you take to prepare for the exam?

Having already attended an analytics course at Jigsaw Academy that included modules on SAS, I did not have to do too much of extra studying. I only took about a month to prepare for the exam.

5. How did you prepare? What resources did you use?

 I mainly banked on the material from the Jigsaw Academy Foundation Course. I also used resources from the SAS website as well as other online resources.

6. How much programming knowledge in Base SAS is required?

An Intermediate knowledge of Base SAS coding is required

7. What are your plans for the future? Your career?

I have now enrolled for the Financial Analytics Course at Jigsaw and am con currently looking for suitable job opportunities. I want to focus on credit card analytics and credit risk analytics.

8. What advice do you have for others who want to do this exam?

You need your fundas to be strong in stats and in particular regression concepts. This and a working knowledge of SAS is all it takes to get this credential.

Well done Pavan. We wish you the very best for your future career.

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