Before we hop in understanding more about applications of cloud computing, let’s understand what is cloud computing? The demand for cloud computing services is high due to its on-demand availability of the system, resources such as data storage, computing power, without direct active management by the user. The larger clouds have various functions that are distributed over multiple locations from the central servers. These clouds can be limited to only a single organization as well as used in a larger one. In simple language, these clouds are used for efficient and smooth functioning along with storage provided in case of any kind of natural disaster. 

Cloud Computing applications

Due to technology advancements, maximum fields are using cloud computing applications these days for the better and smooth functioning of their business. Cloud computing applications are different from what are applications of computers. These are applications which can be accessed anytime, anywhere and in any part of the world while applications of computers are the inbuilt applications in the system which costs huge along with maintenance. 

A various field such as arts, data storage, education, entertainment, social networking as well as management, etc. also has great uses of cloud computing. There are various mobile computing applications that do not even require a laptop or PC to be accessed from. Also, as we understand how the cloud technology has been divided and categorized, we should understand that these cloud computing software are larger in number which is completely free of charge, hence, these are quite cost-effective. There are various uses of cloud computing of which some are stated below. 

  • Cloud computing provides various types of art application services for designing purposes which helps to design attractive designs for books, cards, and other images. Some examples of cloud computing for art applications are moo, Vistaprint, and adobe creative cloud. This application helps in instant designing, printing, and creating mini cards. Also, applications such as adobe creative cloud is a cloud application which provides excellent professional editing services. 
  • There are various online file storage platforms such as Mediafire, Hotfile, Rapidshare, etc. which are perfect examples of cloud-based applications that help host files such as documents, images, and videos. There are many freemium as well as free cloud computing software which is an easy interface for users to use, upload, view, and share documents from these sites.
  • These days we see many applications that provide free editing of pictures. These cloud application services have various features which include image resizing, editing, cropping, special effects, etc including Graphic User Interface (GUI). These applications also provide brightness and contrast editable features. They also provide high-level complex features that are easy to use. 
  • Data Storage applications are also one of the options for cloud computing applications or one of the various applications of computers, which allows you to store information such as data, files, images, etc. on the cloud. It helps access the information using the cloud application. These applications are created for security and back up of data secured within the application. Data can be restored and converted into various file formats which include word, pdf, excel, and so on. Applications such as Box, mozy, jouks and google suite are perfect cloud storage examples. 
  • Various antivirus applications are also available for support service. These cloud application services provide the smooth functioning of the system. These applications benefit the users in many ways which helps clean the system, detect and fix threats of malware and either form of viruses. This antivirus is free of charge and is considered the best antivirus for your personal computer. The major function of this application is to detect malware by sending the information to the data center of the cloud and fixing it. 
  • There are also entertainment applications that use a multi-cloud strategy to interact with a targeted audience. The cloud application services provide online gaming and entertainment services. Many online games and video-conferencing applications are facilitated for an instant and smooth connecting experience. 
  • There are many social media applications, out of them which is a Twitter-related Application which helps to convert long sized URLs into short Url. The purpose of the application such as bitly is to convert the long URL into shorter ones which in turn redirects the user to the original website. It helps in microblogging and also secures from any kind of malware and hacking activity. 
  • Cloud applications also provide go-to-meeting facilities such as video conferencing and other online meeting apps. These are cloud application services which allow you to start meeting for personal and professional requirements which connect meeting in seconds along with sharing presentation and screen sharing facility. GoToMeeting is one such app that facilitates the user with all features. 
  • Certain software is available for presentation services which allow importing of PowerPoint presentation by creating slides. Sliderocket is one such application helping the user to create formal presentations. These applications can be accessed from anywhere within the globe. It provides free and well as a premium version of the application. 
  • Certain social media applications allow a large number of users to connect with each other every minute. Applications such as Facebook, Twitter, yammer, Linkedin, etc, helps connect users on a real-time basis. These applications allow sharing videos, images, experiences, stories, etc. 
  • User is facilitated with GPS facility as well which is another advancement of cloud computing and its applications. These applications help users to guide the directions from the map along with finding locations on the internet. Sites such as google maps, yahoo maps, etc. are such applications that facilitate these services. These applications are used by millions of people and are free to use helping people with directions and paths. 
  • Accounting software is one of the real-time applications of cloud computing which helps management related to the accounting part. Outright is one such application used by larger enterprises helping in real-time day to day accounting service. It helps you to track real-time expenses, profits, and losses. 
  • One of the popular cloud computing applications list is Evernote. This application helps to save and share notes for the user in a single place where each time the user can refer to. These can be accessed from anywhere around the world. It serves both the paid and free versions of the application. These also come under management applications which can be used for personal as well as professional use. 
  • Another popular one is e-commerce software, the application areas of cloud computing help the e-commerce business users with easy access and smooth functioning of the business. It helps keep track of every detail starting from the order received to the order delivered along with tracking costs, the refund rate, and damage rate for the business. Most larger businesses prefer this software as less time and effort is involved with perfect solutions. The main advantage of these cloud computing application projects is that there is no hard cost involved in managing these applications. 
  • Different cloud technologies which include saas applications and others such as FedEx, postal service also use loud platforms for tracking details and manage the business. With the help of these tools managing business becomes easy as it provides a great tracking service for online packages. 


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