Intrigued to know Artificial Intelligence scope in India? In this article, shall provide you with insights about the AI and ML industry, explaining the scope of work opportunities in the field, salary insights, and ways to go about making a career. In this article, we shall cover the following topics – 

  1. What is the Future Scope of Machine Learning in India?
  2. What are the Job Opportunities for Machine Learning Professionals in India?
  3. What are Machine Learning Salary Trends?
  4. What is the Scope of AI in India?
  5. What are the Job Opportunities for Artificial Intelligence Professionals in India?
  6. What are Artificial Intelligence Salary Trends?

1. What is the Future Scope of Machine Learning in India?

ML is a small precursor that helps create narrow AI use-cases like categorizing data, fraud detection, image recognition, or making predictions. When combined, AI and ML technologies have immense potential for shaping the future of technological innovation.

In combination, they can recognize intricate data patterns and automate repetitive tasks to ease business processes. There is no doubt that AI and ML would find applications in all kinds of technical fields offering unprecedented assistance. 

The first thing to know if you’re curious about  Machine Learning scope in India is that the skilled talent pool for Machine Learning Engineers is very limited right now, while the demand for ML professionals is too high for the job market to cater. A Machine Learning professional needs to be well-versed in programming languages, Mathematics, ML Algorithms, Data Structures, System Analysis, and Designing, etc. IT professionals must leverage the limitless opportunities that this field presents and upskill themselves in Machine Learning. 

Machine Learning aids in collecting, analyzing, and understanding a vast quantity of data. When paired with AI, it can help with an early understanding of problems and quick resolutions. Even the flawless virtual shift of business ecosystems during the pandemic was an outcome of AI and ML applications to business processes. However, the scope for Machine Learning in India spans beyond this and encompasses the prospects of rebuilding life post-COVID. 

2. What are the Job Opportunities for Machine Learning Professionals in India?

There are different job profiles that an ML professional can upgrade themselves to. Once a learner acquires the right kind of Machine Learning skill set, here are some in-demand machine learning job roles they can choose from: 

A) Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning Engineers are one of the most in-demand professionals in data sciences. They can design and implement ML Algorithms to interpret meaningful patterns from large and complex data sets.

B) Data Scientist

Data Scientists are professionals who gather, analyze, and interpret sets of unstructured data with the help of Machine Learning technologies. They use predictive analytics techniques to gain insights into data sets and design effective strategies for businesses. To become a data scientist, a learner needs experience in technologies like Machine Learning, Big Data, and Analytics.

C) Data Analyst

A Data Analyst’s job description entails acquiring information about various topics and then interpreting and analyzing it for the business’s benefit. They record their findings and research in the form of reports and use their analytical skills for trend identification. 

D) Data Architect

Data Architects handle an organization’s complete big data arsenal. They are responsible for designing, constructing, testing, and maintaining highly scalable management systems by using ML Algorithms

3. What are Machine Learning Salary Trends?

Almost all ML job profiles like Engineers and Data Scientists are earning lucrative salaries from start-ups and established businesses alike. The overall demand for Machine Learning professionals is high in India, and many companies are looking for individuals with these valuable skill sets. Factors including the nature of the business, the candidate’s experience in Machine Learning, and their skill set matter when it comes to deciding the salary of an ML professional.

High demand but limited availability of skilled Machine Learning professionals have spiked the Machine Learning scope in India, which in turn, spiked the salary as well. On average, the Machine Learning salary in India for beginners is approximately INR 686,281 per year, including bonuses and profit-sharing. For a mid-level ML professional, the salary ranges around INR 1,142,459. In the end, candidates who work on building relevant experience bag higher pay packages than their counterparts. 

4. What is the Scope of AI in India?

Well, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that AI is the buzzword in the Indian tech sphere. The broad spectrum of AI technologies like Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Natural Language Processing (NLP), etc. spells out the scope for Artificial Intelligence in India. In reality, the application of AI across industries ranges from innovations like smart personal assistants, IoT, face recognition software, gaming, robotics, speech recognition, vision recognition to recommendation engines, and much more.

AI-backed mechanics and operations facilitate the management of various spaces with lower risks, and this is what is steering its demand forward. Government sectors like Agriculture, Healthcare, and Education are welcoming the use of AI-backed innovations to benefit the masses. Even private businesses are enthralled about the unique advantages that AI applications offer in terms of Chatbots, Natural Language Processing, Business Process Automation, Image Recognition, etc. All these factors provide enough reasons for freshers and professionals alike to upskill themselves in this technology. 

5. What are the Job Opportunities for Artificial Intelligence Professionals in India?

There are different job profiles that an AI professional can upgrade themselves. Once an IT professional acquires the right kind of Artificial Intelligence skill set, they can take a look at these in-demand Artificial Intelligence job roles: 

A) AI Engineers

AI Engineers are known to build, test, and deploy AI models. Their work profile also includes maintaining the underlying AI infrastructure. Problem-solvers by nature, they can navigate between traditional software development and Machine Learning implementations. 

B) Artificial Intelligence Programmer

Artificial Intelligence Programmers develop operating software that can be used for robots or other Artificial Intelligence applications. They also produce systems that utilize Artificial Intelligence.

C) Business Intelligence Developer

Business Intelligence Developer analyzes complex data sets to identify upcoming business and market trends in the industry. These professionals improve the overall efficiency and profitability of a business. They design, model, and maintain complex data in highly accessible cloud-based data platforms.

6. What are Artificial Intelligence Salary Trends?

Due to the varied applications of AI, there exists a wide variety of AI job roles and respective salary packages for each. When it comes to Artificial Intelligence scope in India, an entry-level AI professional can earn around INR 6,00,000 per annum; the mid-level and senior-level Artificial Intelligence salaries can exceed INR 50,00,000 in India, depending on the profitability of the business.

AI is still an emerging and evolving technology that requires a professional skill set. As the demand is on the rise, there is an evident shortage of talented professionals in Data Science (AI and ML) who can leverage these job vacancies. The scarcity of skilled AI professionals in the field has positively impacted the salary range for AI jobs in India. The remuneration in the field is directly proportional to the skill and experience of the job applicants.


Recently, businesses have seen a massive unraveling of the AI and ML phenomena as they find the possibilities of their application in various fields. For example, researchers started using Machine Learning to gain insights into the recent global pandemic that brought the world to a standstill. When we talk of the combined scope of AI and Machine Learning in India, it is essential to accredit its application in medical segments to track the spread of the virus, contact tracing, and even analytics for a cure. Experts predict that as the vicious circle of economic downturn sets in, the demand for AI and ML professionals is set to rise in India. This is a positive indicator of the scope of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in India.

Numerous IT professionals aspire to make a career in AI and ML technologies and look for ways to upskill and become AI and ML experts. Even when the country saw a massive trend of job losses, jobs in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence were least affected. Businesses are already on the patch to create more robust virtual work environments leading to heightened demand for AI and ML professionals.

This should be precisely the reason why you should focus on acquiring knowledge about AI and ML now. If the field of data science intrigues you or you are an IT professional looking to fast track your career growth, our Full Stack Machine Learning & AI program can help you.


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