Recruiters Are Interested In These Skills- Do You Have Them?

Bored of the drudgery of your job? Been waiting for that promotion and pay hike for far too long? Have been looking for a break but recruiters just don’t seem to be calling back? Well perhaps you need to update your skills and start looking for the best freelancer site to apply them.

And if you want to know which skills recruiters are looking for when hiring, here is a great article recently published on LinkedIn, ‘The 25 Skills That Can Get You Hired in 2016’. The skills listed here are a result of analysis LinkedIn did around all of the hiring and recruiting activity that occurred on LinkedIn in 2015. As you will see, Data related skills are still very much in demand and to quote the author Sohan Murthy , “Data isn’t going anywhere. ”

He goes on to say that , “Our top skill category last year, statistical analysis and data mining, is still sitting comfortably at #2. It is the only skill category that is consistently ranked in the top 4 across all of the countries we analyzed. We still live in an increasingly data-driven world, and businesses are still aggressively hiring experts in data storage, retrieval and analysis.”


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