Incredible Salary Hike After a Switch to Analytics – A Jigsaw Academy Success Story of our Student Kanav Nayyar

Kanav, an IT professional, switched to analytics and gained a huge salary hike in six months

After working for over two years as a data test engineer with a leading software MNC, Kanav decided to explore options to enhance his career prospects. Having realized the growing importance of analytics, he joined one of Jigsaw’s 12-week courses. As the course neared completion, Kanav began his job search which yielded four excellent job offers at reputable companies. Kanav joined his dream job as a Data Analyst at a leading analytics company with an incredible hike and is now solving business problems that ignite his interest.

Tell us about your initial journey.

After completing my engineering at Jammu University, I began my career as a data test engineer at a leading software MNC. After working with them for over two years, I felt my learning was slowing down, and my work was not offering new challenges. Aiming for growth, I decided to explore other options.

What sparked your interest in analytics?

As a data test engineer, I was responsible for data warehouse management. We would share this data with the in-house analytics team, and I was always curious to learn the results. However, I never got the opportunity, despite my interest.

How did you break out of this situation?

Because I keep myself updated on the latest industry trends, I knew that analytics had already become the Next Big Thing. Also, I was already interested in, and had worked on Big Data. After much research, I decided to join an analytics course at Jigsaw Academy –  I got exactly what I wanted. I learned how to unravel insights that could solve business problems. I also learned how to communicate these insights effectively to stakeholders to enable them to make sound decisions. I gained confidence towards the end of the course, and hence began my job search.

How difficult was it to get noticed by reputable companies?

After completing the Jigsaw course, my job search in analytics was relatively easy and quick. I received eight interview calls from reputable firms and successfully converted four of them to job offers. I was spoiled for choice – it felt great to be able to choose the company and the role that suited my profile the most. The best part was that the role I accepted at a leading analytics company gave me an unbelievable salary increase. I had finally unlocked my potential and true value.

What gave you an edge over the others?

  • Achieving a Jigsaw certification in analytics demonstrated my proficiency in industry-relevant analytics tools and technologies
  • My resume was brief and concise, and I updated it regularly
  • To save time and add value to my job search, I focussed on two job portals – Naukri and Monster
  • In my job portal summary, I used analytics-specific keywords
  • I anticipated a wide variety of job interview questions. I practised my answers in a way that would showcase my knowledge and expertise in analytics.
  • I extensively researched the industry, domain and companies for which I was interviewing.

With some effort, I was able to face the interviews with full confidence and get my dream job. If I can turn my career around, why can’t you? Research well, take the right analytics training and make the switch. Aim for exponential growth and work passionately towards it – you can and will achieve remarkable success in this exciting and upcoming field.

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