Let’s go through some SQL joins interview questions in this article. Technologies are updating day by day. To compete with other countries we still need to improve our technology areas. To keep our technology updating like other countries, we need to have a deeper knowledge of programming languages. The most beneficial languages that can help to improve an individual’s knowledge as well as in terms of countries, are python, c, SQL, etc. The easiest and beneficial one is SQL.

It is a database language that can be learned easily and excel in the field as it has many helping tools and varieties of facilities like the most used one is SQL joins. It is the most reputed and needed job nowadays. To get a job in these fields you should have a clear concept of SQL and SQL joins. There are some SQL joins interview questions and answers that are mostly asked in the interviews. Let’s have some SQL joins interview questions with examples.

SQL Joins Interview Questions 

There are some basic and intermediate level questions when you want to prepare for a job for SQL Joins related jobs. These interview questions will help you with different types of questions to get the maximum benefits and ace in the interview process.

1. What do you mean by SQL Joins and what is the need for it?

SQL Joins are used to merge records from two or more than two tables in a database system. A Join means to add the fields from tables using a common value from each table. It helps in reducing the number of duplicate columns. The SQL joins are used to get the details about the inter-related data and creating a logical relation between the same.

2. What are the different types of SQL joins? 

There are different types of SQL Joins are Inner join, outer join, natural join, cross join, and self-join.

There are some SQL joins interview questions and answers for experienced professionals also. One of the most asked joins interview questions in SQL is define equijoins.

An equijoin is a sort of join that consolidates tables dependent on coordinating qualities in determining segments. 

One of the questions asked by the interview is MySQL joins interview questions is about its features.

3. What are the features of My SQL Joins?

MySQL gives cross-stage uphold, a wide scope of interfaces for application programming, and has many put away strategies like triggers and cursors that help in dealing with the information base.

4. What is join in the database?

 Joints in the database is a method for consolidating segments from one (self-join) or more tables by utilizing values regular to each. ANSI-standard SQL determines five kinds of JOIN: INNER, LEFT OUTER, RIGHT OUTER, FULL OUTER, and CROSS.

5. What is Merge Join in SQL?

The Merge Join is a joint process that is used in the application of a Relational Database Management System. The basic thing of a join process is to find the unique value of the join attribute, the set of tuples in every relation that outputs that value.

6. Interview questions on joins in SQL server

Joins in SQL Server are utilized to recover information from 2 more related tables. All in all, tables are identified with one another utilizing unfamiliar key limitations. A SQL JOIN is utilized to consolidate lines from at least two tables dependent on a typical field between them.

7. Some SQL scenario-based questions and answers 

One of the most asked SQL scenario based interview question is How to delete duplicate records? You could do it in a number of steps as shown below. Creating a temporary table., then Inserting the unique records into the temporary table, Dropping the original table., and then Renaming the temp table to the original table name. You can learn some functions of the keywords as well as commands and use the same according to the scenarios asked by them. 

8. SQL tricky interview questions

We are given a table comprising of two sections, Name, and Profession. We need to question all the names quickly followed by the main letter in the calling segment encased in the bracket. We can solve these easily, we just need to think about it with a clear mind and since we need to join the name and calling we can useCONCAT. We likewise need to have just one letter inside the enclosure. Subsequently, we will utilize SUBSTRand to pass the segment name, start file, and length of the substring Since we need just the main letter we will pass 1,1.

9. Interview questions for testers like What is DBMS?

DBMS represents an information base administration framework, which is a program used to help monitor, maintain, deploy, create, and control the utilization of a data set. It likewise goes about as a record supervisor for the information kept in a data set, regardless of the size or unpredictability of the data set. 

10. SQL join queries for practice with answers

Some of the practical questions are also asked by the interviewers to check your problem skills. You have to think about it and solve the complex problems with patience. These types of practical questions are asked to understand if you can work under pressure and your processes to solve a particular issue.

11. SQL interview questions on joins and subqueries

What is the difference between joins and subqueries in SQL?

SQL joins are the queries that combine records from two or more tables using a common value from the tables. But the Subqueries in SQL deals with the inner queries or the nestled queries which act according to the clauses of another statement. The SQL subjoins are easier to use than the joins.

12. SQL queries interview questions on joins include Nested joins in SQL joins questions. 

This sort of join works for each tuple in the external join connection, at that point it checks the whole internal join connection and adds any tuple that coordinates the join-condition and the outcome will be shown.


As much as you prepare for the technical questions, you should always take care that you need to take care of the interview questions with ease and calm minds. Sometimes, the questions are added with a little trick. Even if you do not know the answer to any question, you can manage to answer in a diplomatic way if you think through it. Apart from the technical questions, they can also ask about your regular query handling capabilities and check if you can handle difficult situations. When you prepare for the questions, all you can do is go for it with confidence as confidence is the only way to ace anything in life.

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