C For Beginners: A Comprehensive Overview In 6 Points
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C is a programing language that was developed by Dennis Ritchie between the years 1969 to 1973. The language was mostly designed to be a system programing language that would allow writing on the operating system. The main reason why C is used is that it offers low-level memory access, simple keyword sets, and has a clean style. All these features collectively make C for beginners and a highly suitable programing language for computer development and the operating system. There are many reasons why one would want to learn the C language. 

The C for beginners language interacts with the hardware devices directly like the kernels and drivers. The computer language is in demand because of its high abstraction level, structure, and features that make it machine-independent. The C programming language was developed to write the operating system of UNIX. This is the reason why the C language is associated with UNIX strongly. UNIX is an operating system that is popularly in use today.

C is considered to be the base of many other programming languages, and this is the reason why it is called the mother language. 

  1. C as Mother Language
  2. System programming language
  3. Procedure-oriented programming language
  4. Structured programming language  
  5. Mid-level programming language
  6. Why is the C language so popular?

1. C as Mother Language

C is believed to be the Mother language of modern programming languages because the majority of the compilers, namely Kernels, JVMs, etc., have been written in the C language. Most of these programming languages follow the syntaxes of C. This includes Java, C# and C, etc. C programming offers many core concepts like strings, arrays, file handling. functions etc., that are used in several programming languages.

2. System programming language

A system programming language is used to create the system software. The C language is a well-known system programming language, and this is because it allows low-level programming. It could be used to program the kernel and the driver. The C programming language is used to create the hardware devices like OS, etc. The kernel in Linux has been written in the C language. The C programming language is also used for programming on the internet like in PHP,.NET etc.

3. Procedure-oriented programming language

A procedure could be a method, function, routine, or subroutine. The procedural language will specify the number of steps that will allow the program to solve any problem. The procedural language will work by breaking the program into various data structures and functions. C needs its functions and variables to be declared before it is used, and thus it is also a procedural language.

4. Structured programming language     

A structured programming language is nothing but a subset of procedural language. The structure is to break the program into blocks or parts so that it is easy to be understood. The C programing language breaks the program into several parts, which are done by using the functions. This makes it easy to understand and modify the program.

5. Mid-level programming language

C is a mid-level programming language too. This is because the language supports the features of the high-level as well as the low-level languages. The C language gets converted into an assembly code. It then supports the low-level arithmetic pointer. However, it is machine-independent, which is a high-level feature.

The low-level C for beginners’ language is one-machine specific, which means that it is machine-dependent. This makes it quick to run it but not very easy to understand.

A high-level language, on the other hand, is not specific to any one machine, which means that it is independent of machines. However, it is easy to understand.

6. Why is the C language so popular?

If you want to get introduced to the programming world, then C is a good language to learn. The simple procedural language can do wonders. It takes very little time to write programs in C. The execution time is also less. The execution speed is as high as in any assembly language instruction. C was earlier used to write the system level programs which were to design the operating system. However, there are many more applications of C. These include compilers, text editors, and network drivers, which are developed and designed with the C language.

The current version of C is supported by all the standard language compilers of C. There have been many new features introduced in the C programming version that makes it more compatible with the other languages.

The C programming language has many advantages. It is a middle-level language and helps to explain computer theories and fundamentals. There are very few libraries in C and the execution time of this programming language is also very fast. C finds a lot of use in embedded programming.


Before you enroll to learn the C for beginners programming language course, you should have some basic knowledge of the fundamental concepts of computer science. The basics of C for beginners tutorials are perfect for beginners as well as professionals.

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