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Top Best Courses After MBA In HR(2021)


HR is a department in an organization that is adept in certain skills and abilities in hiring, administration, and training personnel. There are various courses after MBA to choose from. The domain you want to specialize in depends on your interest, skill, and aptitude. 

In this article let us look at:

  1. Responsibility of Human Resource
  2. Skills required by successful Human Resource
  3. Human Resource Management knowledge and expertise
  4. Courses After MBA(Jobs after MBA)

1. Responsibility of human resource

  • Employee relations management
  • Payroll benefits and training
  • Recruiting and selection
  • performance management
  • Human resource information system
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Good plan

2. Skills required by successful human resource

  • Communication skills
  • Being proactive
  • Advising
  • Coaching
  • recruitment and selection
  • HRIS knowledge

Good communication skills are a prerequisite for HR because they will have to communicate with the businesses and different stakeholders, deal with various hierarchy levels in an organization, and will have to provide information about various aspects. The ability to communicate formally and informally as well as with oral and electronic communication, is an essential part of the role. You must be in a position to handle the queries aptly regarding the employment or while taking a day off. 

3. Human resource management knowledge and expertise

A skill that is essential for recruitment, selection, leave, procedure, and data reporting. A skill for coaching and communication can be achieved with the use of soft skills. 

4. Courses After MBA(Jobs after MBA)

MBA HR specialization comes with a variety of options. You can choose leadership skills, management roles negotiating technical aspects, and becoming a niche expert.

Human resource professionals experience the perks of hiring people, people-to-people interactions benefit, offering help to the employees. This involves taking them through the process of hiring explaining to them about employee benefits and various challenges they can encounter while at work. Various courses after MBA(Jobs after MBA) are:

1) Non-profit human resource expert

 The scope of MBA in HR is vast.  You can fit in many roles of an organization. 

 A non-profit human resource expert can be in the hiring role of recruiter, human resource manager, human resource executive, or any other HR professional in a non-profit domain. HR professional has similar tasks as a working HR professional in a profit role such as

  • Recruiting
  • administering benefits
  • training and development
  • Policy and strategy assistance

Their role is to encourage and motivate individuals to strive for their professional growth by offering them the best-in-class work culture, environment. This role is designed with humanitarian concern for helping employees by bringing out the best in them.

2) HR consultant

This option is great for financial prospects. Hourly pay for a much-needed interaction that provides imperative services with an impact. Human resource. Human resource consultants can broaden their horizons in varied fields such as perks, employee initiatives, and reinforcement programs to motivate and encourage them to improve their skill set. This includes aligning their roles with the current situation of the company to meet the required goal.

3) International Human resource professional

 MBA HR  specialization also offers different advantages of fitting roles that are diverse. This role involves recruiting global candidates with different cultures, customs, and multilingual assets. Recruiting candidates for global positions with executing benefits according to national laws. 

4) Human resource executive or Chief HR office

The chief Hr officer is a one-step below Vice president HR. These individuals plan an HR strategy for the company, including policies, systems, and goals. Human resource department with its aspect of recruiting department, training, and development, transitioning through contract signings, benefits and many more functions managed through the chief of human resource. 

5) Employee education consultant

 There are various jobs after MBA in HR. Most of the jobs in the market that are in demand come with a certain stress level. This role is a low-stress job and has similar tasks such as training and development managers conducting workshops, classes, and conferences.  Employee education consultant role would be to keep their employees happy and engaging for enhancing their productivity at work.  

6) HR entrepreneur

 MBA HR jobs are classified as streamlining your interests. Once you have your own company, you hire people for a passive income. Whether it is a headhunting firm, employee placement company, HR consulting firm, professional employee organization, who occupies the role of an outsourced HR department for a company, opening a successful HR company is a rewarding career option. HR professionals with an entrepreneurial mindset can run a successful organization.

7) Human resource IT specialist

 A human resource IT specialist who has domain knowledge of software, hardware, and key functionalities of the domain can fit this role. This role is ever-expanding by hiring IT architects, system administrators, software developers. These also involve communicating with another human resource professional in getting the technical staff recruited. 


MBA  in HR is a rewarding career for those with zeal and expertise in hiring human resources who are apt for the role.  The career prospects are many from junior, mid, and senior-level positions with perks. They also include entrepreneurship with different roles with options of working six months out of a year. This also facilitates employee engagement at their time without the deadlines or pressure at work. Thus, there are various courses after MBA to choose from.

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