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Best Jobs After MCA And Its Career Options (2021)


MCA or Masters of Computer Applications is a postgraduate degree in India. It is a popular course in information technology and offers a perfect blend of the theoretical and practical application of the subject for jobs after MCA. With the advancement in technology, the demand for MCA degrees is increasing rapidly. The MCA course duration in India comprises three years consisting of six semesters to get expertise in information technology, coding, hardware and software.

Candidates get good training in the IT sector, and this helps in the faster development of applications for businesses. To build a successful career, it is essential to understand the scope of MCA in the future. Freshers should always consider a course that has an increasing demand soon. Lets, discuss some of the career options for MCA freshers.

List of Career Options after MCA

  1. Database Engineer
  2. Hardware Engineer
  3. Software Developer
  4. Cloud Architect
  5. Technical Writer
  6. Web Designer and Developer
  7. Data Scientist
  8. IT Architect

Many options for job opportunities after MCA in India are available. So let’s have a look at MCA job opportunities:

1. Database Engineer

A database engineer is a professional who designs, maintains, stores and organizes the database. It will also involve keeping the existing system functioning and troubleshoot any bugs that may come up. Sound knowledge of SQL is required for this role. Also, this job can sometimes become stressful. This is one of the best jobs after MCA. 

2. Hardware Engineer

The basic role of a hardware engineer is to design, develop, maintain and backup all the extremely crucial hardware components of the computer. This job has high demand and will continue to be so for a long time. One needs to have sound innovation and analytical thinking for computers and related components. A proper internet connection is also the key role for this job. This is a good career option for those enrolling in the MCA course.

3. Software Developer

The role of a software developer involves aiding in developing, maintaining and catering to the needs of software clients. This also includes updating the existing systems and software. They need to have good analytical and problem-solving skills in the organization. Wherever there is software, this career has its opportunity, and the jobs after MCA in this field are increasing exponentially. 

4. Cloud Architect

The growth in the number of cloud users is increasing, and hence more data is stored there. This is because of the better convenience it offers, like real-time data storage, low cost, low maintenance, flexibility. This field is gaining much popularity, and hence it is one of the most highly demanded ones by the companies. 

5. Technical Writer

If someone has good expertise in writing coupled with an MCA background, this is a wonderful opportunity to combine them. A technical writer can easily explain complex algorithms in simplified words. This can be done in the form of blogs, freelancing or full-time writers. After gaining experience, one can become a consultant and teach people the art of technical writing. Few opportunities also include product descriptions, user manuals, guides, white papers and articles.

6. Web Designer and Developer

One of the popular jobs after MCA is Web Designing and Developer. Every business functioning online has its website, and so this job is very much in demand. Here, the developer who has good creative and presentation skills along with a good knowledge of software can justify this job. One needs to have a decent grip on HTML, Flash, Adobe Photoshop and other features as well. Here the core focus is on the presentation and functioning of the website.

7. Data Scientist

The job of a data scientist is to analyze data, extract data, arranging and providing insights from such data for decision-making that is valuable to the company. An MCA graduate who desires to do something different from the basic IT sector can gain industry exposure. This is an ever-green career option for those wanting jobs after MCA.

8. IT Architect

The job here involves designing and architect information technology and infrastructure for an organization. One should have sound knowledge of hardware and software to optimize the usage of information technology. One can also review and analyze the infrastructure and suggest suitable changes. Usually, this position is received after much work experience and analysis for jobs after MCA.

Some other jobs after MCA:

  1. Business Analyst
  2. Software Consultant
  3. Manual Tester
  4. Troubleshooter
  5. Network Engineer
  6. Social Media Manager
  7. Ethical Hacker
  8. Quality Assurance Analyst
  9. Project Manager
  10. Professor


One can see that numerous job opportunities are available in MCA careers. A sound decision taking into consideration the individual interest and prospects should be made. Factors such as benefits of MCA course, fees structure, MCA duration in India, MCA course details, MCA salary in India and other factors should be evaluated before entering the course. A combination of theoretical and practical knowledge is gained from this course, and many opportunities are increasingly available. So make wise decisions and have a great future.

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