20 Best Cloud Computing Companies


If you are looking for the best cloud computing companies then your search ends right here. Cloud computing is being used by businesses to transform their core operations. With the rise in demand for cloud computing services, there has been a huge rise in the number of providers.

Listed below are some of the top cloud computing companies in India and across the world. 

Top CC Companies

Here is a list of the top 20 cloud computing companies that one can choose from. These companies are serving clients globally offering utmost security and a robust infrastructure.

1) Amazon Web Services

Among the top cloud computing companies is AWS which is growing and innovating its products without any sign of complacency. Its cloud-based toolset stands out from the rest. AWS allows companies especially the larger and the slow-moving companies to move from the traditional data center to the cloud.

2) Microsoft Azure

A leading competitor to the Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure stands out for its legacy with which most corporates were already married before cloud was something known. The strong hybrid cloud is important for companies that have a large data center and an expensive facility which they benefit from when they pair with a remote cloud. The software as a service is another key strength of this provider.

3) Google Cloud Platform

Google cloud platform or GCP offers IaaS and a deep technical strength which lets it dominate the search market. GCP is a leader when it comes to data analytics, machine learning, and AI. The cloud provider is entranced in open systems and open source.

4) IBM Cloud

The provider boasts of a highly developed and in-depth enterprise solution across the technology sector. Favoured among the mid and the large sectors IBM today has a footprint globally. It is committed to building its open, hybrid approach and cloud infrastructure. IBM is also placed pretty well in the multi-cloud landscape that is fast emerging.

5) Oracle

Oracle may have started late but it is catching up aggressively and has gained huge credibility in the cloud platform. It is not a fully-featured public cloud provider as it offers its strength in the database and other core offerings on advanced and flexible cloud platforms. The company is growing in the marketplace at a great pace and its cloud platform can garner good reviews.

6) VMware

Having its presence felt from the time when data centre ruled IT, VMware fared well in the cloud landscape. It forms the bridge between the data center and the cloud compilations.

7) Salesforce

The leader of SaaS salesforce has been expanding and offers a complete menu of cloud-based enterprise right from marketing to integration and e-commerce. It offers in-depth metrics in a data mining world. Topping all these Salesforce has positioned itself at the center of a cloud-based and hyper-connected world.

8) Alibaba

The Singapore based giant Alibaba is a cloud leader in China and is also making its sales pitch across the world. The company has a robust cloud infrastructure and a range of networking, server, and operating systems that have been build-out.

9) Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Cloud computing is now the headline and Hewlett Packard enterprise offers IT computing to the entire universe that has been embedded in real-time. 

10) HashiCorp

Referred to as a cloud toolbox, HashiCorp offers a range of open source and proprietary tools that allows IT, professionals and developers, to deploy the cloud infrastructure. It also has many plugin applications.

11) SAP

SAP is a legacy vendor that is now making a huge presence in the cloud as well. The company’s powered in-memory database has an enterprise following which predates cloud. It offers the same architecture that is provided by the cloud providers. SAP has lately been seeing huge growth in cloud revenue.

12) Cisco Systems

Cisco got a huge market with the internet and cloud computing. It is likely to not just stand out as one of the dominant cloud players but is also expected to shape cloud development.

13) Nutanix

Nutanix offers software-defined storage and a cloud platform that is used for virtualization and computing. The company is making huge revenues in the cloud sector.

14) ServiceNow

Aimed to serve the mid and large enterprises, ServiceNow facilitates and automates much technical management and IT services. Based on the cloud domain the company continues to offer advanced cloud solutions.

15) Adobe

Adobe has been expanding its cloud base market to offer commerce and analytics.

16) Workday

Workday is building out its cloud provision in a natural way. It offers financial management software that is cloud-based as well as helps with procurement and planning.

17) Zymr

The cloud development company is fully stacked and it combines agile development practices and makes use of the cutting edge technology that helps to scale the business needs.

18) Apriorit

The company has been in the technology sector for a long time and today its department is largely focused on offering cloud-based solutions.

19) Octal IT Solution

This is a global IT service provider with its presence in the UK, USA, Singapore, and India. It offers cloud solutions and has also notably earned the reputation of a technological leader.

20) Seamgen

A prominent agency in San Diego, Seamgen has been capable of offering digital integration and is one of the leading cloud providers.


If you look at how cloud computing has changed the world in the past decade then it shows a noticeable change in the data center. Cloud and the technology of artificial intelligence are intertwined and the way companies see cloud has changed from being an optional upgrade to something absolutely of a business necessity. The confusion regarding the cost of the cloud and the security from the cloud still stays.

However, many cloud startups are springing up and this helps to solve all the issues. Cloud is a sector that is seeing a rapid change and the sector has seen many new entrants lately. The top cloud computing companies offer utmost security and optimal price to use their cloud services which work as a win-win situation for the provider as well as the enterprise using the cloud.

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