When you are about to appear for an interview for a position of Cloud computing professionals, it is very important that you go through important interview questions that the interviewers might ask. This will prepare you and also builds your confidence. The interviewers might ask cloud computing interview questions, or they might add different variable fields like azure IAAS interview questions, as well. You can also prepare cloud architect interview questions for better ideas. It is fruitful to be prepared beforehand for smooth interviews. 

  1. Cloud Interview Questions
  2. AWS scenario-based interview questions
  3. Importance of cloud computing?

1. Some of the cloud interview questions include

1) What do you understand by cloud computing? 

Cloud Computing is the on-demand accessibility of PC framework assets, particularly data storage and computing power, without direct dynamic administration by the client. It is the next level of technology that provides the services to its users whenever and wherever the user needs it.

2) What exactly is the cloud? 

A cloud is a mix of networks, hardware, services, storage, and interfaces that helps in conveying processing as assistance. It has three clients: Business the executive’s clients, cloud specialist organization, and end clients.

3) Can you refer to some Types of cloud computing? 

There are mainly 3 layers of cloud computing: The first one is Platform as a Service(PaaS) provides its users to run, develop, and manage the applications without any complexities. The second one is Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) which provides the user’s access to storage and networking. The last one is Software as a service (SaaS) which provides the user’s applications without installing them on the system.

4) Benefits of cloud computing?

 Most importantly, it reduces IT costs and saves time, whenever the updates are available, it automatically shows the updated version, it has data backup and data storage facility and saves you from losing your data, it solves the problem of security and it is more preferable because as it is sustainable and protects the environment from carbon footprints, cloud computing helps in speedy recovery of lost data and it stores the data in a systematic way and maintains consistency to avoids any errors like the humans do easily. 

5) Mention the platforms which are used for large scale cloud computing? 

The platforms used for cloud computing are Apache Hadoop and MapReduce. Apache Hadoop helps in solving problems and accepts a variety of data while MapReduce is based on java which provides the cloud users simple solutions to complex computing infrastructure.

2. You can also prepare some technical AWS scenario-based interview questions like

6) Which one is better: AWS or Azure?

Both are better in their own ways. While AWS offers a better hold on the market, Azure provides some better offerings than AWS. While AWS provides the widest range of options, more experimentation is possible in Azure. It is important that the service is chosen after reviewing the particular requirements and then deciding it. 

7) What is a Hybrid Cloud and why do we use it?

A hybrid cloud is a type of architecture where data can be stored in both the public cloud and you’re on-premises servers i.e the private cloud. When there is more workload in the private servers, some data can be shared with the public cloud. This is established by including your public cloud servers in a virtual private cloud and connecting this virtual cloud with your on-premise servers using a VPN(Virtual Private Network).

8) What is SaaS?

Software as a service is a way of delivering applications without actually downloading them on the system. Saas interview questions include questions related to salesforce 

3. Importance of cloud computing?

Nowadays people are facing a lot of problems in managing their things, which affects their business in a lot of ways, as a result, the result comes out to be negative. The main drawback is the inefficiency of human beings in their work like failing in storing data for a long period of time which hampers the company and also the society. But with the help of cloud computing, the work has become much easier as it stores data in a systematic way and has a backup facility. So, there is no fear of losing the data.

For starting cloud computing projects it is better to start with small projects for getting the base clear and increasing the cloud ideas gradually. Some of the cloud computing mini project topics are Hosting a static website on AWS, bug tracking project, weather monitoring system using IoT, etc. Cloud computing projects are seemed to be quite difficult at first but with patience and continuous practice, it will become interesting.

Cloud computing projects differ from level to level. For students, there are some different projects according to their skills, knowledge, and grade. Cloud computing projects for a student includes more basic project than the other level as it is the beginners level. Cloud computing projects like the debug tracker, uber data analysis, cloud-based attendance system, student chatbot, and many more interesting projects are there for students.

Cloud computing multiple choice questions and answers generally include questions that sharpen the mind of an individual about cloud computing and preparing for the aptitude test. The MCQ has basic questions about the content and includes questions of general knowledge.

Meanwhile, sales cloud interview questions include questions related to salesforce. For maintaining clean data in salesforce one has to study cloud computing deeply. so, that the person can confidently respond to the questions and get the work done.

One of the cloud computing questions is about oracle. Oracle cloud interview questions include questions about raw datatype, blob datatypes, etc. Oracle Cloud offers high scalability options, high availability, and saves a lot of time.

Mobile computing in cloud computing consists of both cloud computing and mobile computing to bring both resources of network operators as well as cloud computing providers. Mobile computing interview questions include questions like basic building blocks, main obstacles, and SIM cards.

AWS or Amazon Web Services is a public cloud that is maintained by Amazon. The storage and computing power are offered on a lease basis. The Amazon Web Services interview questions and answers are mainly about its components, tools and what does it offer.

Some of the grid and cloud computing important questions are: what is grid computing, QoS, and features, and its works.


The interviewer can also include concern topics in cloud computing interview questions and answers about security. Cloud security interview questions may include what specific data transmission do you encrypt, infrastructure security, etc.

Last but not the least, it is better to prepare for the basic computer fundamentals questions and answers for an interview like the shortcut keys, ms office, stack, etc. You can also gather information about various software that will make your work easier and smarter.

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