Cloud computing refers to the data that is used by organizations on a sharing basis. It helps them grow with the availability of many resources and ensures that they can focus on other factors of their growth. Companies have also been outsourcing these to lessen the burden of collecting data.

  1. Why cloud computing?
  2. Factors affecting cloud computing
  3. 10 Best cloud computing projects for beginners

1. Why cloud computing?

We shall discuss the advantages that cloud computing brings along. These are:

  • Time management: With cloud computing, companies tend to minimize their efforts and set up time.
  • Faster pace: Cloud computing also ensures that software and technology get started faster than ever before.
  • Maintenance: The foremost advantage of cloud computing is the low maintenance cost and efforts, which helps an organization take care of other resources and business growth aspects.
  • Operating expenses: The operating expenses are relatively less if cloud computing is talked about.
  • Rapid growth: After all the advantages discussed, cloud computing lets an organization meet the ultimate goal: growth and success.

2. Factors affecting cloud computing

Here are certain factors that should be considered while opting for cloud computing:

  • Cost: This factor plays a vital role while opting or deciding for even the smallest thing related to a business. So one thing that the developers need to keep in mind is that it should be cost-efficient and let the company achieve positive benefits related to costs. The reason most companies decide to opt for cloud computing is low cost. Hence this factor is as vital as the start-up itself.
  • Application in the future: Another main thing that needs to consider is that it should be designed in such a manner that it not only benefits the company according to the current set up or needs but is flexible enough to benefit the organization even in the future with changes being a part of it.
  • Increased bandwidth: This can be considered a tip for the developers to ensure that cloud computing projects have bandwidth designs to use effectively. Higher bandwidths are for sure going to be in demand in the future.
  • Mobility: In a world where mobility seems to be the utmost priority of individuals and brands, the thing that needs to be considered while developing a cloud computing project is to design it in a way that can easily be moved between private and public clouds to check and access the resources or data.
  • Security: Finally, security stands on the top priority whole the data and resources are being considered. Hence, while a project is being developed, the data’s security should be given the highest importance.

3. 10 Best cloud computing projects for beginners

As they say, you can learn from a book, but unless you do it yourself, you will never be able to get hold of it entirely. Similarly, to know more about the technology and how cloud computing works, here are the top 10 cloud projects that you can count on:

  1. Automation of college or university could work with cloud computing: This is a project for beginners that helps design a portal for a university or a college that helps them register the students, their placements in different companies, and their results. It is indeed one of the best cloud computing project ideas. While it provides login portals for teachers and students separately, it also acts as a mediator between staff, students, and the companies to deliver the necessary information, take feedbacks, declare results, and much more.
  2. Data leak detection projects: SWL injection refers to the data leakage in the database, a pervasive problem faced by companies. With this cloud computing project, students can build a system that prevents any such leakages. This ensures safety for the data. The developer makes use of the standard Encryption technique. This is an ideal portal for all those who are or planning to work as an e-commerce platform.
  3. Student information chat: This is a type of artificial algorithm that is beneficial for the students as it analyses and then replies to any doubts or questions. The beginners get a golden chance to work on two technologies on this project.
  4. Bus ticketing: This is a cloud computing project topic that uses cloud computing to help passengers book tickets for buses. No more hassles and worries if lost tickets. This is a secure platform to issue tickets and passes for passengers. Checking details like discounts, bus timings and much more can be done by the passenger using this.
  5. Attendance: This helps schools, colleges, institutions, and even offices keep a record of the students’ absenteeism and the employees. Students and employees can mark the attendance by logging in, and this is stored in the database, which can later be checked by the institute office.
  6. Android offloading: This project helps in building a framework to help in easy offloading. The intensive applications can shift their workload over to the processors that are virtual via the cloud. This cloud computing project idea helps the android phone users shift the heavy work applications to the serves, making more space available for other tasks in the android phones.
  7. Text classification: The developers or beginners can use this cloud project to gain valuable information regarding the companies’ data. They can gain insights and make decisions that are for the welfare of the company.
  8. Encrypted cloud storage: The beginners can develop a highly adaptive storage model. This kind of model works for almost all kind of business atmosphere. They are making use of a redundant number system is the project’s focus, which helps store and process the data with utmost security.
  9. Personal cloud: This is one such project where beginners can build their cloud server using Raspberry Po and Micro SD card. The primary storage stays the hard drive, and it also gives more profound insights to the beginners on how cloud computing works.
  10. Remote Monitoring using IoT: This project uses Arduino Uno to collect data and resources from the sensors and transfer them over to the servers. It helps to keep a check on the surveillance and security of extensive data.  The beginners can learn IoT and cloud computing both by this project.


Change is the only constant in this universe, and with an ever-changing world, one needs to stay updated with technology. For every business to flourish and grow, there is an utmost need to update themselves too. With cloud computing, they save time and money and tend to make more out of human resources for other essential aspects. For beginners to get a hold of how cloud computing works, they need thorough knowledge and hands inexperience on some cloud computing projects, which have been discussed in brief above.

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