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In order to understand concepts better, the best aid you can opt for books. Particularly in this age of digital advancements, where new concepts are dropping in each day, books can be very useful in understanding the basics, history and current status of the tech-world. Cybersecurity is one such tech-related concept that has begun to gain the interest of people as the possibility of falling prey to cybercrime has increased for individuals of all classes and segments.

In order to understand the concepts, learning from credible sources is very important and that is where the below listed best books for learning Cyber Security come to your aid. In this article, we bring our readers the best Cyber Security books that can assertively deepen the knowledge of an individual regarding the matter.

Hence, whether you are a cyber-security enthusiast or a layman venturing for knowledge to keep yourself from malicious activities in the tech-world, books to read for Cyber Security will provide you with all the knowledge required.

So let us head on to the must-read Cyber Security books:
  1. Cult of the Dead Cow
  2. Practical Malware Analysis
  3. The Cyber Effect
  4. The Art of Invisibility
  5. Ghost In The Wires
  6. Cyber Wars
  7. Countdown to Zero-day
  8. Hacking- The Art of Exploitation
  9. The Code Book
  10. Social Engineering
  11. The Hacker Playbook 3 – Practical Guide to Penetration Testing
  12. No More Magic Wands
  13. Metaspoilt
  14. The Cybersecurity Dilemma
  15. Dark Territory
  16. World-Class Risk management
  17. Women in Cyber Security
  18. Hacking Exposed 7
  19. The CERT Guide to Insider Threats
  20. Threat Modelling

1) Cult of the Dead Cow

This is a book by Joseph Menn and is one of the oldest books which serves as a major source of information for people. This is one of the best books to learn cyber Security for beginners which briefs all about how a progressive approach to Cybersecurity can help a nation grow amazingly.

2) Practical Malware Analysis

Michael Sikorski’s work often termed as one of the best Cyber Security books, takes the readers deep into the world of cybercrimes and the solutions to them. Readers can know the keys to setting up safe virtual environments so that no pirates can claim access to the system. This serves as another top Cybersecurity reference book.

3) The Cyber Effect

Mary Aiken’s work draws the attention of the reads to her experience of being a psychologist in the cyber forensic department. She brings the attention of readers to how the behavioural pattern of human beings is evolving due to the interference of the cyberspace in life. This literature provides the basis for new learners to get in the depths of this concept and is, therefore, one of the best books to learn Cybersecurity for beginners.

4) The Art of Invisibility

This is one of the classics by Kevin Mitnick which becomes one of the best books to read for Cybersecurity. The book can undoubtedly entice you by letting you know how big companies make money by spying on our mundane moves.

5) Ghost in The Wires

This is another book by Kevin Mitnick that not just stands out in the list of top Cyber Security books but is also an enjoyable thriller read. This is a book that brings the readers a true and heavily interesting story. He enlists his experience of violating the cyber securities of huge brand names such as Motorola, Sun Microsystems, etc.   This can more be referred to as an account or memoir of a proficient hacker.

6) Cyber Wars

You can know how levelling up the security protocols of the companies can help in the development of the nation. It is one of the most highly recommended Cyber Security books for beginners to realize the vitality of Cybersecurity.

7) Countdown to Zero-day

This book is by Brian Craig who has been a legal analyst. This is one of the must-read Cyber Security books which enlightens readers regarding the laws associated with Cybersecurity.

8) Hacking – The Art of Exploitation

This is another popular book by Kevin Mitnick where he throws light on the importance of being conscious in this era of data theft. This is surely one of the good books on Cyber Security. The beginning of his career was with a post of a novice IT employee. With his vastly growing knowledge in the field, he went on to be the world’s most notorious hacker. Filmmakers are even attempting to turn this amazing thriller read to a movie that can catch eyeballs. This is one of the best Cybersecurity books for beginners wherein they can not only learn about a true happening in the Cybersecurity history but can also relish the thrill element in it.

9) The Code Book

This book by Simon Singh brings forth the importance of encryption and how they are responsible to shape the world since the ancient days. You can find numerous Cybersecurity basic books, but this topic has barely gained the spotlight anytime.

10) Social Engineering

It is a book by Christopher Hadnagy. This book made the term ‘“social engineering’” quite popular. Amongst many Cybersecurity books for beginners, this one is amazing. Going through this book, an individual can know why Cybersecurity is more of a social issue than a technical one.

11) The Hacker Playbook 3

This book by Peter Kim is a practical Guide to Penetration Testing. The author has been quite a well-known expert in the industry of Cybersecurity. Hence, this work of him can be considered to be one of the best books to learn about Cybersecurity.

12) No More Magic Wands

George Finney has let the secret out for the world through his work, where security will be taught to the readers with the metaphors referring to fairy tales. This is one of the best books about Cybersecurity.

13) Metaspoilt

David Kennedy’s book reveals all about the Metaspoilt Project. This is one of the must-read Cybersecurity books which can help readers know more about the testing of the exploits.

14) The Cybersecurity Dilemma

Ben Bunchan’s work is a must-read for beginners to have encapsulated information about the industry. This has been one of the best selling Cyber Security books.

15) Dark Territory

Fred Kaplan has done a wonderful work bringing this book to exist. The alarming issue of cyberwar is well-detailed in this book.  This counts as one of the top Cyber Security books in spreading awareness about the cyberwar.

16) World-Class Risk management

This book by Norman Marks owns all the brownie points to serve a guide for the entrepreneurs in managing the cyber risks. If you are looking for books to learn about Cybersecurity, then your search must end here.

17) Women in Cyber Security

Good Cyber Security books serve you detailed information and this one is one of them. This book has served as a relevant source of information for people. If the authenticity of the information is a fact that matters to you the most, then this read can give you quenching experience without any doubts. You can come across many Cyber Security books, but we would recommend you not skip this Cybersecurity essentials book in any way if you truly look forward to learning more about the industry.

18) Hacking Exposed 7

It is a book which is written by George Kurtz, Stuart McClure, and Joel Sacmbray, who are known to be popular experts of Cybersecurity in the world. They have experiences hacking in quite a white way through schooling in academics. This book is more of an informative- based read, which enables the readers to widen their idea of the domain and is a good book on Cyber Security.

19) The CERT Guide to Insider Threats

Here comes another must-read in the list of the best Cyber Security books for beginners in the world. This is one of the top books on cybersecurity which is written by Andrew P. Moore and Dawn M. Cappelli. This book reveals the most overshadowed part of the industry and that is the “Insider Threat”.

20) Threat Modelling

Adam Shostack, being an expert in Microsoft Security Development, has done justice in bringing highlight to building security. This top Cyber Security book is a strong recommendation for the people who are linked or looking forward to associating themselves with the Cybersecurity industry. Adam has intuitively introduced such a vital topic, highlighting the matter adequately.


Looking for the best book about Cybersecurity can be a daunting task most of these specialize in different domains of the subject. If you thoroughly throw yourself to know about the Cybersecurity industry, then you need to know about the history of it, business aspects of it, careers related to it, laws of cybersecurity, network security, threats, testing, digital forensic, etc.

We have made sure to bring to the table the must-read Cyber Security books from all niches that one is needful to learn about, to have a wholesome idea about the industry. This book list is a perfect blend of Cyber Security basics books and the advanced level of this concept. It is a complex and fragile industry, and to have relevant ideas about it now and then, one needs to keep reading from credible sources like these good Cyber Security books.

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