Computers and the Internet have changed the work environment of the world beyond imagination. Computers on taking over a major part of our lives, all our data has got transferred from records and ledgers to computers. Though this kind of shift in working has reduced the physical burden on workers it has also increased the chances of data theft. People involved in stealing data or harming the systems are knowledgeable people with wrong intentions known as Hackers. There are different types of hackers. Let’s take a look at how many types of hackers are there and the types of hacker attacks and techniques.

Types Of Hackers

Hackers are well aware of the working within the computer and networking in organizations. The intention behind the hacking determines the type of hacker they are. Getting unauthorized access to systems or networks is illegal and termed as hacking. So, you might wonder what do hackers do on getting access to the system well they can use vulnerable points in the system to bring the system down or steal confidential data. There are different kinds of hackers

  1. White Hat Hackers
  2. Black Hat Hackers
  3. Gray Hat Hackers
  4. Script Kiddies
  5. Green Hat Hackers
  6. Blue Hat Hackers
  7. Red Hat Hackers
  8. State/Nation Sponsored Hackers
  9. Hacktivist
  10. Malicious insider or Whistleblower

1) White Hat Hackers

White hat hackers are computer professionals with expertise in cybersecurity. They are authorized or certified to hack the systems. These White Hat Hackers work for governments or organizations by getting into the system. They hack the system from the loopholes in the cybersecurity of the organization. This hacking is done to test the level of cybersecurity in their organization. By doing so, they identify the weak points and fix them to avoid attacks from external sources. White hat hackers work as per the rules and regulations set by the government. They are also known as ethical hackers.

2) Black Hat Hackers

Black hat hackers are also knowledgeable computer experts but with the wrong intention. They attack other systems to get access to systems where they do not have authorized entry. On gaining entry they might steal the data or destroy the system. The hacking practices used depends on the hacking individual’s capacity and knowledge. As the intentions of the hacker make the hacker a criminal. The malicious action intent of the individual cannot be gauged either can the extent of the breach while hacking

3) Gray Hat Hackers

The intention behind the hacking is considered while categorizing the hacker. The Gray hat hacker falls in between the black and white hat hackers. They are not certified, hackers. The hackers work with either good or bad intentions. The hacking might be for their gain. The intention behind hacking decides the type of hacker. If the intention is for personal gain then the hacker is considered to be a gray hat hacker.

4) Script Kiddies

It is a known fact that half knowledge is always dangerous. The Script Kiddies are amateurs in the field of hacking. They try to hack the system with scripts from other fellow hackers. They try to hack the systems, networks, or websites. The intention behind the hacking is just to get attention from their peers. Script Kiddies are juveniles who do not have complete knowledge of the hacking process.

5) Green Hat Hackers

Green hat hackers are learning the ropes of hacking. They are slightly different from the Script Kiddies due to their intention. The intent is to strive and learn to become full-fledged hackers. They are looking for opportunities to learn from experienced hackers.

6) Blue Hat Hackers

Blue Hat Hackers are similar to Script Kiddies. The intent to learn is missing. They use hacking as a weapon to gain popularity among their fellow beings. They use hacking to settle scores with their adversaries. Blue Hat Hackers are dangerous due to the intent behind the hacking rather than their knowledge.

7) Red Hat Hackers

Red Hat Hackers are synonymous with Eagle-Eyed Hackers. They are similar to white hackers. The red hat hackers intend to stop the attack of black hat hackers. The difference between red hat hackers and white hat hackers is in the process of hacking through intention remains the same. Red hat hackers are quite ruthless while dealing with black hat hackers or counteracting with malware. The red hat hackers continue to attack and may end up having to replace the entire system set up.

Above are 7 types of hackers broadly referred to in the cybersecurity world. 

The three types of hackers listed below work in a different capacity.

8) State/Nation Sponsored Hackers

Government appoints hackers to gain information about other countries. These hackers are known as State/Nation sponsored hackers. They use their knowledge to gain confidential information from other countries to be well prepared for any upcoming danger to their country. The sensitive information aids to be on top of every situation but also to avoid upcoming danger. They report only to their governments.

9) Hacktivist

The hackers intend to hack government websites. They pose themselves as activists, so known as a hacktivist. Hacktivist can be an individual or a bunch of nameless hackers whose intent is to gain access to government websites and networks. The data gained from government files accessed are used for personal political or social gain.

10) Malicious insider or Whistleblower

An individual working in an organization can expose confidential information. The intent behind the exposure might be a personal grudge with the organization or the individual might have come across the illegal activities within the organization. The reason for expose defines the intent behind the exposure. These individuals are known as whistleblowers. 


Information is widely available over the internet. Keen individuals can learn and adapt to them immediately. The intent behind hacking is what sets the hackers apart. The knowledge is used for harming individuals or governments or for personal gain which makes hackers dangerous. The types of hacker attacks vary from organization to organization. The intensity and type of attack are dependent on the hackers’ ability to find the loophole and penetrate the security system. This has put up a huge challenge to organizations and governments to be updated with their cybersecurity at all times. 

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