They said necessity is the mother of invention, and rightly so. One such invention has been mobile phones. Even though it has made our life super easy, but where there is a need, there also arises evil. With more and more users, including children these days, there has been a rise in the sale of mobile phones with their classes online. In this article, we are going to learn about how to know my phone is hacked, is my phone hacked, what to do if my phone is hacked and more related topics.

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that all of us today spend 90% of our time from the point we wake up to the last minute before we sleep on our smartphones. We can’t help ourselves as well as now mobile phones are not just restricted to calling or texting. Still, with wifi internet 4G/5G services available all over and everywhere, we can access any of our financial resources or bank accounts or make any bill payments or any other services payments on the go anytime, and this requires our sensitive financial data to be entered into our device on those applications. Hence, this eventually initiates the need for mobile security.

Mobile phones have become the new hub of criminal activities. We must have all seen the ad where an unknown caller impersonating a bank representative calls a user and informs them of winning a certain cash amount. They just need an OTP (one-time-password ) for verification. The purpose of that was to hack into the user’s bank account. This has become so common these days, and that’s the reason we receive messages never to share our OTP with anyone else. 

  1. How To check  if your phone is hacked
  2. What to do if your phone is hacked 
  3. How do I keep my smartphone secure?
  4. How to figure out who hacked your phone

1. How To check if your phone is hacked

1. First and foremost and the most simple way to check is if there is any unknown application downloaded on your mobile. If yes, that should be your first clue that someone has tried to penetrate your mobile network space. These days iOS and android both have application managers, or you can use a third-party application to check what all applications are there on your phones. They provide a list in one place, and you can easily go through them.

2.  Next thing you can check is the file logs. Every application makes file logs, and there is a file manager present on every phone as well.

3. See whether your phone is getting hanged quite frequently or providing a sluggish/slow performance while opening some browsers or switching between the applications. That would mean there has been downloading of certain unauthorized excess data in your phone.

 4. Poor battery life – if your phone battery suddenly starts draining quickly or your phone gets switched off suddenly or doesn’t start in the required time as it should get alert. 

5. Inappropriate ad pop-ups while using a phone are the indication of malware in your phone. For example, while opening our browser or a site, there is a pop-up of improper, unfitting advertisements pursuing the user to click on ill-fitting content.

6. Check your contact lists and messages. Scrutinize whether there is some suspicious contact name in your list or some unknown message sent from your device. If so, then your phone is definitely hacked.

2. What to do if your phone is hacked 

  • If you find any suspicious files in your file log, then delete the same. Also, there is no need to worry about deleting any required application file as that application would automatically download that required file.
  •  Go through your saved wifi networks and check whether there is any unknown, unrecognized wifi network. If yes, then it means there has been a breach of your network wall, and you should unsave the same immediately.
  • Delete any unknown application downloaded to your phone immediately.
  • Reset your phone  factory settings

3. How do I keep my smartphone secure?

  •  Install a spy software application on your mobile. Nowadays, there are many anti-hack software applications for the sole purpose of detecting any hacking activity on your mobile phone and also preventing them in the future. 
  • Don’t click on inappropriate ad pop-ups.
  • Maintain strong password security. you can also keep two-factor authentication for your smartphone 
  • Avoid using public wifi and especially wifi with names like free wifi etc.

4. How to figure out who hacked your phone 

  • Go through your phone bill and check if there is any suspicious interaction with an unknown number. 
  • If you have installed any app or game outside of a verified game store, you should definitely look into that. 
  • Download and Turn on the network traffic monitor and check which app is uploading the most traffic.


Hacking mobile phones and getting access to confidentially sensitive information of the user is one of the quite common crimes in today’s time. Most of the time, we don’t even get to know until the damage is already done. Since now we have information about how mobiles can affect our financial security, let’s diligently follow these simple security steps to be safe.

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