If you have a question that Is Cybersecurity hard, read on to find out more about how hard it is to learn Cybersecurity in reality.

In the last two decades, the computer and internet industry has grown leaps and bounds, and this has been accompanied by a massive increase in the number of career opportunities that the field has to offer. Cybersecurity is one such area of expertise that has exciting things to offer to those who are willing to explore it and have the requisite skills to excel in the field.

One big hurdle that most people face when it comes to Cybersecurity is the misconception that it is an extremely technical and difficult field that can only be accessed by extraordinarily gifted individuals with a talent for intense coding or computer programming. This, however, is far from the truth.

In this Article. Let us look at:

A) Is Cybersecurity Hard to get into?

As is probably clear to you already, Cybersecurity is not as complicated or difficult as usually believed and anyone with the requisite skills can excel in the field. That being said, however, several questions remain such as is it hard to get a job in Cybersecurity or is Cybersecurity stressful. The answers to these questions depend on several factors. In general, any professional working in Cybersecurity will have to possess certain skills.

  1. Critical and analytical skills: Cybersecurity involves constant problem solving and will often require you to think on your feet and address problems as and when they arise efficiently and quickly.
  2. Tech knowledge and constant learning: The field is constantly evolving, and you must always be ready to learn and update yourself on the latest changes in Cybersecurity and also keep yourself acquainted with the relevant technical knowledge that is essential to be good at your job.
  3. Communication skills: Cybersecurity is not usually a one-man job and requires constant communication with various partners as well as the clients to ensure dependable services.
  4. Dedication: Lastly, Cybersecurity is a relatively fast-paced and constantly developing field. It requires a lot of dedication and hard work to establish yourself as a professional with integrity and expertise.

B) Is it hard to get A Job in Cybersecurity?

On the practical side of things, most individuals would crave jobs that offer financial security and more flexibility. While asking yourself is Cybersecurity hard to get into, you must understand that it is a field with unlimited potential. With each passing day, we are becoming more and more reliant on gadgets and devices that work on digital networks, be it to process payments, shopping, or communication, among other basic functions. In such circumstances, the demand for Cybersecurity professionals is only rising, and getting a job should not be a difficult task provided that you are skilled at performing the required tasks and are willing to put in the effort.

Governments across the world today employ tens of thousands of Cybersecurity professionals to safeguard data and information and most private organizations do the same to protect sensitive networks online. In 2019, The National Association of Software and Service Companies reported that approximately ten lakhs more Cybersecurity professionals would be required in India by 2020 and this number is on the constant rise even as you read this today. There are also several opportunities available in Europe and North America as well especially if you choose to pursue a Cybersecurity course in countries like the United Kingdom, France, or the United States of America.

C) Learning Cybersecurity

The answer to the question ‘is Cybersecurity hard to learn?’ would be a simple no. As is the case in almost any field, any person with an aptitude and willingness to work hard can definitely learn and succeed in the field of Cybersecurity. You will never know how hard Cybersecurity is unless you make a concerted effort to try and understand the field better and this is definitely not possible with the help of a simple internet search and might require a higher level of dedication and effort.

The best way to really know how hard it is to get into Cybersecurity is by understanding what it is and you can achieve this by accessing information about Cybersecurity in the following ways.

  1. Reading Books on Cyber Security: Many books have been written on the topic of Cybersecurity that ranges from advanced books for experts to introductory books for beginners. Pick up a book on Cybersecurity to understand what digital networks are, how they work, how our phones, laptops, and other network-enabled devices communicate, and why and how they need to be protected. This is the first step that you need to take before you can ask yourself is Cybersecurity hard to get into?
  2. The Internet is your Friend: Many blogs and articles by the leading experts on Cybersecurity can be found on the internet and this reading can act as a solid foundation to help you learn more about the field and also expose you to various avenues of information and Cyber security-related knowledge. Your answer to the question is Cybersecurity hard to learn, will surely be in the negative.
  3. Ethical Hacking: The best way to enhance protection against any threat, is to first better understand it. Ethical hacking allows you to get into the shoes of potential hackers and understand the threats that you will have to work to prevent in the field of Cybersecurity. There are several institutions and platforms that you can use to learn ethical hacking and move further on your way to becoming a Cybersecurity professional.
  4. Requisite Degrees: There is a wide range of different professional courses available in India at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level in Information Technology or Cybersecurity that provides an excellent platform for you to get into the field. It is most certainly never too late to switch fields and some specialization courses also exist to help you make the transition to Cybersecurity.


Questions such as ‘why is Cybersecurity hard’ are raised repeatedly by interested individuals and we sincerely hope this article has helped clear most of the misconceptions that surround this exciting and challenging field. With appropriate education and training, hard work and determination, and just a genuine interest in the field, Cybersecurity is not difficult at all to learn and understand.

The world today runs on the internet and there is no foreseeable future where Cybersecurity professionals do not play an important role in making the lives of people easier and safer.Those who say that Cybersecurity is only reserved for the extremely gifted or that it is an extremely demanding and complicated field are merely perpetuating myths that are very far from the truth. Do follow this space and read the other articles on Cybersecurity on our platform that are sure to give you a lot more clarity.

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