In this era of human evolution, we are walking across a tremendous shift in the digital age. And with more and more new technologies emerging industries are making sure to hire professionals with capabilities to have critical thinking awareness to deal with real-time issues and practical approaches.

Understanding basic critical thinking questions can add extra ability to problem-solving and complement to acquire your dream job. Here is a list of critical thinking questions examples with answers that can add more value to your personality and get positive impressions in the employer’s eyes.

In this article, we will discuss more on the following case-based critical thinking questions –

  • Who?
  • What? 
  • Where?
  • When?
  • Why?
  • How? 


In this modern age, every job requires specific skills and experience. Most of these skills have scope and responsibilities based on your position in the organization. Here are the six most common and essential aspects that are related to any interview profile.

Who … do you think can deliver results?… takes a decision in your organization?… will benefit from your work?
… was your inspiration or guided you for your career?… would get affected by your work? … are the right professionals for these tasks?
What … do you bring to the organization? … are your strengths or weaknesses?… changes can you bring from the current situation?… makes you an ideal candidate for this position?
… examples you think match your current situations?… would you recommend the following scenario?… are your perspectives on a given situation?
Where… do you see the same real-life scenarios? … do you think we should change to improve from current operations? … do you see yourself in the next two or three years?… would you like to improve from your present skills? … do you think the company can improve in the next five or ten years?
When… do you think you will finish the task..? … did you learn these skills and gain experience? … did you decide that you were ideal for this position?
… will your work start delivering results?… do you think the employee or owner will listen to your issues?… is the right time to push yourself or the team?
Why… is the company in this specific position?  … does this represent the best or worst scenario? … do people excel or slow down in an individual situation?
… motivation and dreams are right for your position?… making the right decisions is the priority for competing?… the problems arise in old or new methods?
How … do you describe the following?… do you know the present scenario?… can you perceive your ideas and opinions on the organization?
… do you benefit the organization?… do you think the market will respond to any change in the product or brand? … to reach customers directly?

Professionals need to prepare answers for these critical thinking behavioral interview questions for job interviews. However, job descriptions change from one position to another organization. Still, candidates today need to have the ability to think and deliver at their potential critically.

Nowadays, most top organizations have small critical thinking exam questions or a short aptitude test to check their ability before pushing them to have one-on-one interviews. These provide recruiters with a chance to see the candidate’s ability to understand the current situation and respond to things in real-time life scenarios.

Math tricks are common among interviews these days. Recruiters try to give simple and yet complex tasks to check the candidate’s quick thinking and problem-solving abilities in a given scenario. These critical thinking math questions can confuse you, and recruiters evaluate your presence of mind in these situations to manage them precisely.

For example,

If the number 1=3, 2=3, 3=5, 4=4, 5=4, then 6=?

Adding 9 to 5 and getting an answer 2.

The first solution is counting the number of digits in the English language, while the second solution corresponds to 9 AM + 5 Hours = 2 PM. These fun critical thinking questions and answers improve the candidate’s intelligence and cognitive abilities to handle situations.

These mathematical critical thinking questions are simple and check the individual ability to handle real-time case scenarios.

Also, case-based critical thinking questions give you the option to agree or disagree. How? These questions bring out professionals’ ability to handle the situation and give their opinion on any current situation.

For example, a simple question can have a wide-ranging answer depending on its effect.

  • How did the American election bring changes to your current economic prosperity? Present your views.
  • How has the Coronavirus Pandemic situation led to a positive impact on the environment? What are your views?

Here professionals must be ready to have clear thoughts on both the positive and negative side effects of the question. Recruiters can present them with any critical thinking job interview questions with the present situation to check their situation awareness.

Let us take another example of checking the presence of the mind.

Once, an interview was conducted in a suburb area college, and suddenly a train passed to the nearest location. The interviewer jumped on to ask the student the train’s name, and most of the student’s answers were blank. It was a simple question that needed a prompt response and the ability to know your present surroundings.

 These critical thinking questions for interviews can come from any situation or scenario and surprise you entirely to make a stance. But most of them ask to be aware of the present conditions happening around you and the ability to answer them positively.


Businesses today are pacing in a highly competitive environment. Critical thinking has become one of the essential abilities that recruiters see in their potential candidates. Professionals need to emphasize these good critical thinking questions to be ready for future challenges in their day-to-day operations.

These critical thinking interview questions and answers offer beginners and experienced professionals insight into their situation handling abilities for getting attention from their recruiters.

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