Product Manager Interview Questions: Top 10 Things To Know (2021)


  1. What do companies look for in a Product Manager?
  2. List of Product Manager Interview Questions

1. What do companies look for in a Product Manager?

A Product Manager (PM) should possess a strong visualization power to create products with a high user-adoption index. The products created generate exponential revenue growth for the organization and trend the market with innovation. But when you sit for a Product Manager interview there are few qualities that the interviewer looks for. These are:

  • Understanding customer needs easily. 
  • Ability to prioritize and execute things
  • Understanding strategic sensibilities.
  • Great communication skills.
  • Following a data-driven and metrics approach.
  • The few behavioral qualities needed are insightful, resilience, and strategic.

Are you keen to become a product manager and prepping for a PM interview? You might have come across many product manager interview questions and answers pdf. We have carefully gathered the information from big and small organizations and compiled a list of product manager interview questions that have been asked over the years and few that are expected to be asked. You can completely trust us on this. Some pm interview questions and the answers you need to prepare for the grind are:

2. List of Product Manager Interview Questions

Some general pm interview questions are:

A) Behavioral round product manager interview prep:

1. Introduce yourself.

2. Why do you want to associate with this firm?

3. Share your biggest mistake as a product manager previously.

4. Tell us about the biggest challenge you have faced as a product manager.

5. Tell us about the time you had to motivate your team.

6. Tell us about the time where you took a controversial decision.

7. What are the kinds of people you like to work within a team?

8. If I happen to chat with your ex-coworkers, what according to you would they tell us about the best and worst qualities you possess?

9. What is different about you as a product manager?

10. What motivates you naturally?

B) Product management Round:

1. What qualities according to you, does a product manager must possess?

2. What features of product management do you like the most? And what are your dislikes?

3. In your last organization, which software development method did you use? What were your likes and dislikes about the same? You prefer working on which methodology?

4. What do you plan to build in this firm and why? 

C) Product Manager case interview questions:

1. Tell us about how you created and walked through the roadmap for your previous product.

2. How did you communicate the plan you had created for a particular product, to other teams? Especially the management team.

3. Roughly create a roadmap or plan for product A to achieve XYZ requirements.

4. Suddenly the client asks you to add a feature that was not communicated to you previously. This might derail your original plan. What will you do?

5. Supposedly you are the PM for Facebook Groups. How will you decide what is the 1-year roadmap from now on? What will be your next 5-years roadmap?

D) Questions on prioritization for product manager interview preparation:

1. Tell us about your preferred prioritization framework? What were the advantages and disadvantages of the same?

2. Supposedly you are the PM for Google Docs. How will you decide which aspects to prioritize?

E) Customer or User-specific product manager interview questions on Google:

1. How did you interact with your customers in the previous organization?

2. How do you think to welcome new customers to your product?

3. How do you manage to know if your product has satisfied users?

4. How did you gather feedback on your product? How did you use the feedback to create a roadmap?

F) Communication-related product owner interview questions:

1. Imagine you are a newly appointed product manager on a mature product that is about to release a big update. You are asked to design a product release. What steps will you take to write the press release in the best possible way?

G) Cross-functional teamwork related questions:

1. How did you work with the design team in the previous firm to ship a feature?

2. How did you work with the engineering team previously?

3. Tell us if some engineers disagreed with you? How did you solve the issue?

4. How did you coordinate with different teams to manage a product launch?

5. Did you ever say a NO to senior management? If yes, share the situation with us.

H) Now we will be sharing project manager interview questions related to product design

  • Process:
    1. How do you judge if the design is complete?
    2.How do you make out what not to build?
    3. What is great product design in your eyes?
  • Case Studies round product manager interview questions and their answers you need to find out before the interview:
  1. What is your favorite product? And why?
  2. If you have to design sunglasses for a baby, how will you do that?
  3. How will you redesign an umbrella?
  4. What do you like about our firm’s products?
  5. If given a chance, how will you improve Facebook groups?
  6. If you were asked to build the next feature for FirstCry or any other organization, what will it be?
  7. Have a look at LinkedIn’s mobile page. If given a chance, how will you improve it?

Next are the analytical round

I) Senior product manager interview questions:

  • Guesstimation:

1. How much according to you does McDonald’s make in a single day?

2. How many coffees are served by Café Coffee Day in a day?

  • Product Metrics:

1. Define statistical significance

2. Tells us about a product metric that was assigned to you for improvement and the steps you took for it.

  • Pricing:

1. How do you price a newly launched product?

2. Suppose you are the PM for Amazon prime and the CEO asks you if we can lower the monthly subscription plan. How will you plan to make out whether the price should be lowered or not?

  • Strategy:

1. Why according to you is Facebook Messenger a standalone app?

2. Which firm according to you will earn amazing profits in the next 10 years? What steps can our firm take, to do the same?

J) Technical Round product owner interview questions:

  1. Tell us how will you write an algorithm to propose LinkedIn contacts addition?
  2. How will you write an algorithm for the addition of Facebook friends?
  3. How will you rank the Tweets on someone’s news feed when they log back in?
  4. How will you explain machine learning to a 6-year old kid?
  5. What action is taken at the back-end when you log in a URL and press enter?


Hope this questionnaire gives you enough idea for preparation and you come out successful. All the best for all your future endeavors!

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