Here’s Why 1k+ Business Analysts Fueled Their Learning Journeys With IIM Indore & Jigsaw

In a world that creates 1.145 trillion MB of data per day, change is the only constant. With brand new information being seeded every other second, businesses are evolving at the speed of light. Where there’s data, there’s analytics, and thus, the demand for skilled Business Analysts. Data enthusiasts have stumbled across enough facts and figures to know what’s trending and what’s needed to master these trends, which is why over 1,000 learners hit the road to becoming highly sought-after Business Analysts with the Integrated Program in Business Analytics – a program that prepares you for not just the current market, but also the future of Business Analytics.

Was the upskilling journey worth it? Were these enthusiasts able to evolve into data-intelligent Analytics experts? What were the opportunities that came their way after completing the 10-month live online program? Let’s find out the answers to all these questions and more, from some of the learners themselves!

From CA to BA – Deepak’s Career Transition Journey

Deepak Upadhyay, a Chartered Accountant (CA) at the time, challenged himself to dedicate a year to upskilling in Business Analytics (BA). 15 years after completing his post-graduation, Deepak adopted a learner’s persona all over again, and he did it with utmost dedication. One of the reasons why the 10-month program is popular among working professionals is its delivery format. For Deepak too, attending the online classes over the weekends was a comfortable experience.

business analyst,business analytics
Deepak Upadhyay, Associate Director – Data & Operations at Dun & Bradstreet India


Elaborating on the same, he says, ”The online classes took place over the weekends and were followed by self-study sessions during weekdays. The program also included graded exams and projects to help us track our progress. The curriculum covered what is relevant in today’s business world, like Statistics, R, SQL, Python, ML, Tableau, etc. The faculty from IIM Indore and Jigsaw is a team of great professors who seamlessly impart their knowledge to the learners and are always available for guidance.”

“Here’s my advice for aspiring Business Analysts – Self-learning is equally important in your upskilling journey. Before any new topic starts, you should go through the videos provided by Jigsaw to grasp the concepts in an enhanced manner. Being a CA by profession, I was well-versed in Statistics. But, I had reservations about my technical soundness. To my pleasant surprise, the course started with the basics of languages like R, Python, SQL, etc. Based on my personal experience, I can reasonably say that even an individual with a non-tech background can do coding with this program.”

Shedding light on a program feature that has won the hearts of countless learners, Deepak talks about what it was like to be the first batch that was introduced to Kaggle’s In-class Competitions. “We were lucky that Kaggle, as a platform, was introduced from our batch for project submission and assignments. Trust me, we learned a lot! Our conceptual understanding was put to test when we were working on solving the use cases.”

“Another great element about the program is the Bring Your Own Project (BYOP) feature. It is a group project that learners submit towards the end of the program. Group members build a project based on the domain they want to focus upon and then apply all the knowledge gained in the program so far to successfully complete the project. Overall, the program is an investment that’s surely worth it all,” he concludes. 

Currently employed as the Associate Director – Data & Operations at Dun & Bradstreet, India, he’s making smart and profitable data-based decisions as we speak. As rightly said by Walt Disney, the difference between winning and losing is most often not quitting. Deepak won the challenge he signed himself up for, and it was because he refused to quit learning. 

Can A Non-IT Professional Become A Successful BA? Nishant Is A Living Example

When Nishant Sharma was hit by the Business Analytics fever, he had no technical experience at all. Yet, he decided to follow his heart to chase a newfound career dream and embark on his upskilling journey to become a successful Analyst. 

Nishant was looking for a program that covered not just the advanced trending topics needed to thrive in the domain, but even the minute and basic details related to Business Analytics. Like the proverb goes, where there’s a will, there’s a way! And so, Nishant found the perfect program to get started. “I enrolled in the Integrated Program in Business Analytics by IIM Indore & Jigsaw, and trust me, this is one of the best courses for individuals who want to make a successful career in the field of Business Analytics or Data Analytics. This program is not just for individuals who have rich technical knowledge but also for learners who are new to the world of tech, just like myself,” he says.

“I was able to easily grasp all the concepts, thanks to the highly-experienced faculty who are ever-ready to help you learn even the smallest of things related to the field. I would highly recommend this course to all those who are looking to grow their career in Business Analytics.” Today, Nishant is an IIM-certified Business Analyst, ready to reach greater milestones in his professional journey.

Mittal Dasani’s Pursuit For A Seamless Upskilling Experience

Like any other Business Analytics enthusiast, Mittal Dasani was looking for a smooth upskilling journey. Thanks to her informed decision-making, she enrolled in the Integrated Program in Business Analytics. Here’s what she has to say about the program:

“It was a learning experience of a lifetime. I found the faculty to be highly knowledgeable, approachable, and resourceful. The program was very well-structured and well-conducted. The program coordinator, Moses Kola, was extremely helpful and prompt in all his help which made the journey even smoother,” she says.

business analyst,business analytics
Mittal Dasani, Assistant Manager at TransUnion CIBIL Limited


“In fact, I’m looking forward to more learning opportunities from IIM Indore & Jigsaw in the future,” she continues.  Currently, Mittal is working as the Assistant Manager at TransUnion CIBIL Limited, applying her data-rich knowledge to contribute to the organization’s growth.

No Guts, No Glory – A Glimpse Into Shubham’s Challenging Upskilling Adventure

Shubham Bakliwal, another of our alumni, was looking for a program that could help him get deep insights into Business Analytics. The BYOP-based Business Analytics program offered him just that, and more. 

Getting candid about his learning journey, he says, “I enrolled in the Integrated Program in Business Analytics and found it to be a really insightful program. Throughout the course, I had my share of difficulties but received nothing but support from the team, especially Moses Kola. I did not give up on my dream and was able to complete the program.” 

Man needs his difficulties because they are necessary to enjoy success. These wise words were spoken by the legendary APJ Adul Kalam, and they especially stand true for Shubham and many other learners who keep moving forward in their learning journey despite the bundle of hardships thrown their way.

While a common practice in the current day and age, upskilling is not easy. It’s popular and paramount. But, it’s not a piece of cake. In fact, stopping at just acquiring the trending skillset is not even enough. Going beyond just the basic elements of an upskilling program, the Integrated Program in Business Analytics is a complete transformation package that focuses on helping you build the right mindset, not just trending tools and skillset. Promoting continuous learning, IIM Indore & Jigsaw ensure that the learners channel their inner leaders in a span of just 10 months, but find all the resources they need to keep rising to the top even after the program ends.

Just like Deepak, Nishant, Mittal, Shubham, and countless other next-gen data-driven leaders, you too, can master Business Analytics in a matter of months. As challenging as it appears to be, your upskilling journey will be nothing short of a rewarding adventure; a risk that’s worth taking. So, don’t back down. Charge ahead at full speed with IIM Indore and Jigsaw. Become a certified Business Analyst, today. Click HERE to know more about the program.

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