How An Advertisement Changed This Business Analytics Enthusiast’s Life!

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If you are an emerging tech fan, then you know the ideal process for deciding the finances and figures behind every business decision. Considering that we live in the 21st century, all these are extremely data-driven decisions made after exhaustively collecting, analyzing, and studying business data.

The question, however we are trying to answer here is, WHO ANALYZES THESE DATA?

If your answer was a resounding YES, then we are absolutely on the same page. A Business Analyst is responsible for coolant data from all functionalities of an organization to analyze and aid the respective stakeholders in making the right reliable decision that would add immense value to the business revenue.

Here is the story of one such Business Analyst enthusiast whose career turned for the better after she came across one carefully curated advertisement.

Aakanksha Mehta, currently enjoying her career as a Senior Marketing Research Analyst at Jayant Nidhi bank, came across an Ad for our Integrated Program in Business Analytics Program. Having always had a burning passion for becoming a Business Analyst, she decided to enroll in the same to advance her career. Talking about the same, she says, “It was way back in the month of July 2021 that I came across an advertisement that stated that IIM Indore was offering an integrated course in Business Analytics in collaboration with the UNext Jigsaw, and due to my interest in the upcoming field of data, I thought of giving it a shot and opted to provide my details. Post this, the UNext Jigsaw team contacted me and explained the course, after which I chose to go ahead with the course. I must say it was one of the wisest career decisions I have made.”

As knowledge providers, we strongly believe there is nothing more satisfying than a happy learner. Aakanksha, while elaborating on her learning experience, solidifies our thought processes by saying, “The course was not only extremely holistic but also rigorous, well explained, thoughtfully structured, and extremely comprehensive. It took into consideration all the possible aspects of the field of business analytics and introduced us to the aspects that were quite unknown to the learners who didn’t belong to this field. Classes every weekend became a ritual and an integral part of my schedule over the last 10 months, where we got a chance to interact with the professionals and experts from various domains who were not only our teachers but our guides and mentors along the way, making things easy, understandable and their guidance was like a light in our path to learning milestones. The course module was so well structured by UNext Jigsaw that we never felt there were any missing links in our learning timetable. Initially, at the start of the course, the rigorous structure of the IPBA was overwhelming, but thanks to the continuous interactions organized by the UNext Jigsaw from time to time, the learning process became accessible and an overall enjoyable experience.”

Business Analytics
Aakanksha Mehta, Senior Marketing Research Analyst Jayant Nidhi bank

“On the whole, my experiences and journey with the IPBA in the last 10 months through all ups and downs was an extremely fulfilling one and an overall learning curve that has been positive and progressive. The experiences with the professors, UNext Jigsaw, and my colleagues from the batch will always occupy a special place in my personal and professional life and are something I will cherish forever.”

Another one of our learners, Aakash Agarwal, also decided to elevate his career trajectory via our program. Discussing about the same, he says,” I did an Analytics course with UNext Jigsaw in collaboration with IIM Indore. It has been a great experience. As a novice to data, learning from these experienced expert professionals has been an amazing journey.”

The Integrated Program in Business Analytics by UNext Jigsaw, in collaboration with IIM Indore, is one of the most robust exhaustive programs on Business Analytics. This 10-month online program is carefully curated and delivered by expert faculty to teach, groom and mentor Business Analytics enthusiasts to kickstart a prosperous career in the same.

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