How Divya Fast-Tracked In Her Career Transformation With Data Science

Working with enormous amounts of data and deriving meaningful insights is the most in-demand skillset in the current market. Data Science Specialists have emerged among the top 15 LinkedIn jobs in 2021. This has led to a steady increase in the number of fresh graduates and professionals seeking to equip themselves with the skills required to make a name for themselves in this booming field. 

As proved by one of Jigsaw’s learners, Divya Sai C.M, an alumna of our PGDDS program, you don’t necessarily need a technical background to become a Data Science expert. Despite a fairly varied background and novice in the domain, she is now on the way to building a very rewarding career in the Data Science space. When questioned about why she chose the Data Science domain for upskilling, Divya says, “I’ve heard so much about Data Science in the society, and as I’m a data lover, I wanted to take this path, so I decided to opt for the Data Science domain for upskilling.”

Looking back to the beginning of her upskilling journey with Jigsaw & Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Divya recalls how she lacked confidence and doubted if she could do coding. However, after entering the program and attending the classes, she says the faculty played a huge role in building her confidence by teaching her to code from scratch and upgrading her skills.

Curated and delivered by Industry Experts and seasoned SMEs and supported by Capstone Project for hands-on experience and assignments, the program helps learners master Data Visualization, Statistical Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence & Neural Networks, implement Machine Learning techniques, etc.

When asked about her experience with the classes, the faculty, assignments and Capstone Projects, Divya states, “My experience with the classes & faculty was awesome. Daily we used to have theory classes and practice sessions that made us more clear about topics and improved our logical thinking. And the faculty were very helpful; they used to help us even after class hours if we had any doubts. With the Capstone Project, we got to use all the skills learned in the program, and that built confidence in me and made me understand where I’m good and what concepts I have to practice more.”


Data Science
Divya Sai C.M, Futurense

“PGDDS program has provided us with many placement opportunities, and I got placed in a company named FUTURENSE with a very great package. I will recommend PGDDS to my friends because it’s a very good opportunity where one can improve all their skills related to technical, communication, logical thinking and can grow as a strong individual in their professional career.”

It is always a pleasure to extend our support and provide the best of knowledge to devoted and enthusiastic learners like Divya Sai CM. We are delighted to see her bloom in her professional journey!

To keep the spirit of upskilling and career transformation kindled amidst the ongoing pandemic, our Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science program has now metamorphosed into a 6 months online Postgraduate Certification Program In Data Science And Machine Learning.

Do you also wish to build a successful career in the booming Data Science sector? If you are interested in becoming an Expert Data Science Professional, then the 100% placement guaranteed* Postgraduate Certification Program In Data Science And Machine Learning will undoubtedly assist you in achieving your desired career goals!

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