Read On To Find Out How These Sales Strategy Experts Achieved New Heights Of Success With Our IIM Certified Program.

Strategizing Sales and its related activities is one of the most crucial requirements in today’s business. With COVID changing people’s perspectives about traditional buying and selling, there is a need for learning a whole new level of sales techniques that not only continues to cater to the needs of current customers but also seamlessly facilitates onboarding new customers.  

Customers today have no qualms about buying any product or service online. Compared to a couple of years ago, they are more willing and trusting towards making a transaction without any physical meeting or greeting. However, the persuasion time and effort are still gigantic tasks. Therefore, Sales professionals today need to strategize their pitch, their sales-related activities, and customer engagement to reduce the turnaround time. 

The Executive Program in Strategic Sales Management by IIM Indore and UNext Jigsaw aims to aid aspiring Sales Strategists master the end-to-end Sales lifecycle to become high-performing Sales Strategist in the digital world with a holistic program for mid to senior-level professionals designed & delivered by the best faculty. 

Well, we don’t want just us telling you our program is one of the most industry-relevant robust programs designed exclusively to help potential Sales leaders upskill. Here is what our happy learners have to say about their experience with our program.

Sales Management
Vishal Sutar, Organization Manager Al Berwaz Engieering


Elaborating on his learner’s experience, Vishal Sutar, one of our extremely satisfied and happy learners, says, “Today I feel proud and satisfied with my decision. Such courses are very useful for working professionals like me. They not only add to knowledge but also make valuable additions to our careers by having prestigious IIM certifications. I request you to conduct more and more courses like this so that more people like me can get benefits. Thanks to all UNext Jigsaw, IIM staff, and all course faculties. “


Sales Management


Calling us a boon to his learning journey, another one of our learners Udai Kumar Agarwal(Managing Director ANAADIH VINCOM PRIVATE LIMITED), is thrilled to have mastered the nuances of Strategic Sales. Talking about his learning journey, he says, “They have been a boon for those who want to upgrade their knowledge and skills. In uncertain times, skills acquired will help to tide over the situation better. I have completed their executive program on sales strategy and found it tremendously enriching and rewarding to acquire knowledge and skills, modify attitudes, and inculcate relevant habits in myself and the team. Three cheers to UNext Jigsaw and IIM Indore. Special thanks to all faculties.” There is no greater reward than seeing our learners achieve new milestones through our program. 

A firm believer in reviews and a tremendous Sales Enthusiast, Rahul took an extremely customer-centric approach to his upskilling journey. Speaking about the same, he says, “I usually check reviews before making any decision. I chose UNext Jigsaw for my learning only after reviewing reviews and talking with some friends. I was on the lookout for a Sales related program that could add value to my knowledge, skill set, and resume. I was absolutely elated when I found the one that fits all my needs – the Executive Program in Strategic Sales Management by IIM Indore and UNext Jigsaw.” 

Further elaborating on his learning experience, Rahul says,” My entire experience since I first started interacting with them has been excellent. I have got all the information and the necessary support for admission. We had a great introduction and comprehensive sessions by the Program Director. All the UNext Jigsaw and IIM Indore classes were excellent. They ensured that we received maximum knowledge within our comprehensive course period. I confirm that it was an excellent overall experience. It is good that the team is very honest, clear, and transparent about all benefits we get and how all of them are met.” 

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing our learners cherish their learning journey. We are extremely glad and happy to have been an integral part of the same. 

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