Okay don’t freak out! We are not all turning into vampires. I am only talking about Team Jigsaw’s Blood Donation Initiative that happened this week. Yes, Team Jigsaw took some time off to give to the community. A group of ten from the Jigsaw office volunteered to visit the TTK Blood Bank and donate blood.

Certi-Sep 05


GP- Sep 05

We would like to share the thoughts of one of the volunteers, Dileep Govindaraju. Dileep, who is a Content Developer, Editor & Illustrator at Jigsaw, and a travel and photography enthusiast, has aptly put into words how the initiative touched each of them. You will literally first hand experience the moment through his eyes. Thanks Dileep for sharing this experience with us.

Dileep G

Blood donation camp

04, September 2014

10 of us packed in a tempo traveller headed into thicket of Thippasandra. The very friendly driver reminded the group that no smoking 30 mins prior to donating and 2hours post. A few including myself were donating blood for the very first time. There was a sense of concern & excitement in the air. After dodging heavy traffic on the main road, we turn onto a leafy green street and stop in front of TTK blood bank.

We are received by a nurse with the biggest smile!

She is friendly and guides us through formalities. We each pick up a writing pad with a form and start filling in the details. Instant feeling is like I am back in high school! Well the feeling is not to last for long, the information required on the one page two sided form is pretty straight forward and vital. Once complete I hand my form to another medical staff, who asks me to wait my turn to test my blood. After a couple of minutes my name is called out and I walk into a small cabin. The medical staff cross checks the details on the form I have filled in earlier and then gets me to step on the weighing machine. He asks if I have previously checked my haemoglobin, while he prepares for extracting the first few drops of blood.


He breaks open a small needle and pricks me on the finger. The dark red liquid is quickly sucked into a tiny transparent tube. He shakes a couple of drops into a small glass container with blue liquid. The drops of blood decent slowly to the bottom as he watches carefully. He then gives me a clear sign, hands me my form and directs me into another room.


Four beds are adjacent to each other and two are occupied by my colleagues. One is busy is on the phone while blood flows out of him into a small pouch. The smiling nurse asks me to lie down, as she quickly glances through my form. She wraps the manual BP monitoring machine around my arm and listens to my pulse carefully. A couple of minutes later I am donating my blood for the very first time!

Sar Sep 05


I think to myself what prevented me from doing this earlier?


Anyways, better late than never. The whole process takes less than 10 minutes. The needle is removed from my hand and the pouch is quickly labelled and stored away. The tiny drop of blood on my hand is wiped and I am given a cotton swab to put pressure on the point. Once the bleeding stops I receive a tiny circular bandage on the spot and a certificate with the date I donated blood. The nurse gives me important advice on things to do and to avoid. She points to a few important things on the certificate and requests me to take some refreshments before I leave the room. I pick up an apple juice and walk out with a smile on my face.

Donating blood was nothing like I had imagined. In fact it was quiet an enjoyable experience. I know I am going back again to donate blood if not in the same blood bank.

It is one of the best gifts that we can give back to humanity.


TTK Blood Bank

Bangalore Medical Service Trust

New Thippasandra Main, Hal 3rd Stage

Bengaluru, Karnataka 560075