Building an Analytical Organization

“The world has become a smaller place. Consumers have access to more information and a much wider choice when it comes to choosing products and services as a result of increased connectivity and lower cost of communication. What this also means is almost all businesses, and not just the large ones, are competing in the global arena. Geographical advantages or protective regulations are no longer viable as differentiating factors. This is forcing businesses to look at other sources of competitive advantage and they are turning to analytics and data-driven decision making to do things faster, better and cheaper than their competitors. “What you need in business is more information than the other guy. Not more smarts. Not more intuition. Just more information.” says Joshua Boger, the CEO of Vertex Pharmaceuticals, the US $250M pharma company.”

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I recently wrote an article for Communique – the business magazine for HCL Technologies.The article talks about the challenges in the way of becoming a successful analytical organization. For the full article, click here.

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