Can India Breed Smart Cities?







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Though I call myself a global nomad, I’ll let you into a little secret. Of all the cities I’ve lived in across Europe, Africa and Asia, Bangalore is my most favourite. So every morning as I skim the news, I particularly keep an eye out for Bangalore articles. And so, it was with much interest that I read this article, in todays edition of Business Standard Cisco gears up for ‘smart’ India play, in which Bibhu Ranjan Mishra talks about how CISCO’s office in Bangalore is a great example of a smart city. The article goes on to give some really cool examples of how the CISCO office practices ‘smart’, while also telling us just how the company is engaging with the government  in areas of smart urban planning. In fact they estimate this whole market to be at least $3 trillion globally and believe that India can be the next best opportunity. So let’s hope that Bangalore can lead the way and be India’s first true smart city!

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