Can Jigsaw Academy Help You Make a Career Switch to Analytics?

An institution’s success largely depends on the success of their students and we at Jigsaw Academy truly believe in this.  Our students have made us proud by not only getting placed in highly reputed companies but also by really being our brand ambassadors on the ground. They often take the time to come back and share their success stories with us.

We thought it was would be great to in turn share some with you. Wouldn’t it be inspiring to hear first hand how someone paved their path into the analytics domain by upskilling and learning the tricks of the analytics trade from Jigsaw Academy? We hope such stories motive you to get datafied too. Maybe sometime soon you will be sharing your story with us.

Here is the story of Ganapathy, who successfully shifted to Big Data analytics by learning advanced analytics tools and leveraging 10 years of IT experience. To read more click on the link


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