In today’s scenario where technology is taking new turns frequently, IT professionals also need cloud computing training to keep up with the latest innovations and skills required to handle the paradigm changes within organizations. Research predicts India to have more than 1 million Cloud Computing jobs by 2022. Our cloud computing online courses offer certification & interaction with industry experts, and hands-on experience to prepare individuals with expertise in managing cloud resources.

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What you learn in the Cloud Computing Course

UNext Jigsaw’s Cloud Computing Course is designed to equip the candidates with all industry-based tools & techniques and make them ready to handle the Cloud platforms with competence and expertise. The candidates receive a comprehensive understanding of Cloud technologies and models. The course allows each candidate to take a practical learning approach with the help of mini-projects to help them learn the following:

  • Manage Cloud Virtual Machines & Databases in a Public/Multi-cloud environment
  • Fully configure network setup for an organisation
  • Build Cloud-Native Application on AWS/Azure
  • Analyse & implement Cloud Migration Strategies
  • Work on new technologies like Big Data Engineering, Power BI, ElasticBeanStalk, ML, and DevOps on AWS/Azure
  • Prepare for 4 industry Cloud certifications (AWS Cloud Practitioner, AWS Developer, AWS DevOps Engineer & Azure Fundamentals)

Cloud Computing Course With Placement & Certification

UNext Jigsaw not only provides the best Cloud Computing Course, but it also assists its learners through certification and industry-relevant training. The certification from here is therefore globally acclaimed and considered to be one of the best in the sector.

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UNext Jigsaw has designed online Cloud Computing Courses for students to inculcate all the required skillsets demanded in the industry. Learners coming from all walks of life such as freshers, working professionals, and more, can also sign up for our programs. The advanced teaching techniques aid students to interact with teachers even in virtual classrooms so that they can clear their concepts. The comprehensive Cloud Computing Training involves assignments, cases, live sessions, videos, and assignments. Unlike other Cloud Computing Training Institutes, UNext Jigsaw aligns its courses with international standards.


Cloud architects remain at the top of all the positions as companies are building themselves in cloud technology to be at a respectable position in the market. Going forward, the administrators and managers will be in huge demand for cloud-based projects and programs. There are no special skill sets but an IT Engineer today should by default know how to work on cloud platforms. You can learn all these tools & skills through our extensive cloud computing course syllabus. Professionals who can make business efficient through cloud services while cutting costs as well are in huge demand in the IT industry today. (Coder/Cloud-based Coder + Cloud-Based Solutions + Cloud tools)